Forza Horizon 5 All Supported Wheels and Controller Devices

If, by any chance, your wheel or controller is not working with Forza Horizon 5. It might be because it is not supported. Check out the complete list of supported Wheels and Devices

Here is a list of all the Supported Wheels and Controller Devices for FH 5

[Note: Most of the Wheels are supported exclusively for either PC or Xbox]

There are plenty of brands, whose devices are supported by Forza Horizon 5. It supports wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec, as well as the same robust controller support as seen in Forza Horizon 4.

Logitech Devices

If you are Logitech use, then you have to install the Logitech Software from the website. Because if you don’t do so, the G920 is picked up as a different vendor product identifier (VIDPID) and its functionality in the game is compromised, both for FFB and for buttons/switches. Check out the devices:

  • Driving Force (PC only)
  • G25 (PC only)
  • G27 (PC only)
  • G29 (PC only)
  • G920 (PC & Xbox)
  • G923 (PC & Xbox)
  • G923 PS (PC only)
  • Momo (PC only)

Thrustmaster Devices

You need to install the latest Thrustmaster drivers and firmware. Here is the list of supported Thurstmaster controllers:

  • Ferrari 458 Spider (Xbox and PC)
  • T150 RS (PC only)
  • T248 (PC & Xbox)
  • T248 PS (PC only)
  • T300 RS (PC only)
  • T500 RS (PC only)
  • TMX (PC and Xbox)
  • T-GT (PC only)
  • TS-XW (PC and Xbox)
  • TS-PC (PC only)
  • TX (PC and Xbox)
    • 458 Edition
    • Leather Edition
    • 599XX
    • F1
    • GTE

Fanatec Devices

Install the latest Fanatec driver for the relative products from their website. You also need to update the firmware manually following their instructions.

  • Fanatec Clubsport V1
    • Fanatec P1 (PC only)
  • Xbox Fanatec Clubsport V2
    • Fanatec P1 Xbox (PC & Xbox)
  • Fanatec Clubsport V2.5
    • Universal HUB (PC only)
    • BMW GT2 (PC only)
    • Formula Rim (PC only)
    • Porsche 918 rim (PC only)
    • Mclaren GT3 (PC & Xbox)
  • 5
  • Fanatec CSL E XBOX (PC & Xbox)
    • Fanatec P1 Xbox (PC & Xbox)
  • Direct Drive CSL (Xbox and PC)
  • Direct Drive DD1 (Xbox and PC)
  • Direct Drive DD2 (Xbox and PC)
  • Universal HUB device


  • Hori Overdrive (PC & Xbox)
  • Hori Force Feedback (PC & Xbox)

If your Multi-USB Controller is not working

While playing Forza Horizon 5, if you are using multiple devices with separate USB ports, then there is a chance of either them being not recognized by the game, or the game might recognize only one device

What I am trying to say is, your wheel may work, but your pedals may not. In that case, you will have to create a custom wheel profile within the game if you are using multiple devices, or if you have their devices plugged into separate USB ports. The game won’t automatically map them unless they are directly connected.

The developers recommend that:

  • You don’t use USB switches
  • Use dedicated USB 3.0 ports on your PC
  • Avoid unplugging and plugging back in your wheel to USB 3.0 ports

Some wheels have been known to generate an erroneous VIDPID (Vendor ID, Product ID for USB devices) when this happens. In order for your wheel to work properly with the game, it must have the correct VIDPID associated with it.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on November 5, 2021

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