Destiny 2 – Eva Levante Location – Where to find her

Came here to know about the location of Eva Levante during the Festival of the Lost Event in Destiny 2? Here is where to find her.

Destiny 2 – Eva Levante Location – Where to find her

Who is Eva Levante

Eva Levante is a NPC and a special vendor in Destiny 2 who arrives normally during various events in the game. Last time she was seen during the Solstice event. And now that the Halloween Event or Festival of the Lost is here in Destiny 2, she has made a return.

Everything related to the Festival of the Lost is connected to her. The activities, the rewards, the items. So you will have to interact with her quite a lot during this event.

Where to find Eva Levante

Just like last year you can find Eva Levante at the Tower. During the Solstice Event she was right in front of the spawn point at Courtyard. During the Festival of the Lost event also she is at the same location which is unlike the location she was at during Halloween last year. Here is the exact location of Eva Levante :

Just spawn at the Courtyard, and you will her standing right in front of you.

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Last Updated on January 6, 2024

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