Destiny 2 – How to get Lord of Wolves Catalyst

Whenever a major update drops in Destiny 2, we get to see some new catalysts arrive for specific Exotic weapons. Season 9 is no different. Season of Dawn has brought the catalyst for a weapon which was considered the most powerful weapon in Destiny 2 at one point of time.

Yes, we are talking about the Lord of Wolves. Looks like we now have a catalyst for the Exotic shotgun. Lets see what the catalyst does and how to get it.

Destiny 2 – How to get Lord of Wolves Catalyst

Lord of Wolves Catalyst – Description

After the Lord of Wolves got nerfed back in Season 7, it kind of lost its popularity. But the truth is the weapon is still extremely good and if used properly can rule the Crucible again. And the catalyst only makes the shotgun better,

Now the catalyst obviously upgrades the Lord of Wolves to a Masterwork which makes it generate Orbs on multikills. And it also gains a tracker.

But the additional capabilities that the catalyst grants is, it increases the reload speed while Release the Wolves is active, and increases stability when it is not.

And trust me, the reload speed with the catalyst and Release the Wolves becomes extremely fast. On top of that if you have a reload perk on your armor then you will be reloading the gun with a blink of an eye. So you should definitely get your hands on the Lord of Wolves Catalyst.

Where to find the Lords of Wolves Catalyst

People who have managed to get the catalyst so far are claiming to have gotten it as a random drop from Gambit matches, playlist Strikes, normal Crucible matches and the Nightfall: The Ordeal. It is not a surprise as a lot of weapon catalysts drop from these activities. So go ahead and start farming.

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Last Updated on December 11, 2019

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