Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Jacob or Taylor – Who to kill?

You’ll be given a choice of whether to kill Jacob or Taylor in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty. Keep reading this article by Frondtech to know what to do once you eventually face this dilemma! 

Jacob or Taylor – Who to kill in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

All that Jacob and Taylor are guilty of is walking into President Myers and V’s hideout, and this has caused their lives to be in your hands. You should know at this point that actions have consequences, and keeping that in mind, you’ll probably want to make the right choice here. Here’s a complete overview of your options and what you should opt for!-

Killing Jacob and Taylor

Killing Jacob and Taylor

Your job with this gig is to keep President Myers safe; hence, killing Jacob and Taylor might seem appealing as it eliminates the risk of any backfires from this situation. The President wants both of them to be gone, but you can object to it, but should you? 

Before you make a decision, know that both of these civilians are completely innocent and further, you’ll have a time limit to respond/object to the President’s wants, and if you do nothing and let the timer run out, the President will straight up eliminate both of them. If you adhere to the President’s choice in this scenario and eliminate them, it won’t do you any good, as killing them doesn’t benefit you. If you were to walk close enough to them, they’d open fire at you, leaving you with no choice but to eliminate them, but again, it isn’t worth the effort.

All you get by killing Jacob and Taylor is a random weapon that isn’t any good, along with a few eurodollars that won’t get you anywhere. Finally, if you do kill them, you’ll need to carry them to the garbage chute nearby for disposal, with another sword on your head- what if someone were to find out about the bodies? Well, this won’t happen, but again, I didn’t go for this outcome of the standoff and would recommend that neither do you!

Talking to Jacob and Taylor

Talking to Jacob and Taylor

Ah, the peaceful approach. Given the otherwise offered rewards, Cyberpunk doesn’t recommend taking many of these. If you want them to walk, you only need to object to President Myers’ suggestion and reveal yourself. This will start a line of dialogues eventually leading to a prompt- allowing you to let them “live to see another day”. Choose this option if you’re looking for a peaceful solution. 

Upon doing so, Jacob and Taylor will stick around, and you can ask them many questions about where they’ve come from. All sorts of other stuff, though, that after talking to them and getting out of this situation peacefully, you will make sure you’ve got two extra friends, and you might need their backup to save President Myers. You won’t get anything if you kill them, so I reckon going this way is no harm. 

Further, Jacob and Taylor need a Rayfield Vehicle and a safe passage, and the President will agree in no time. Letting them live and getting them what they need will lead to them explaining to you about Airdrops the next day. Further, they’ll return soon after your endeavors in Phantom Liberty.

What should you do?

I wouldn’t stress about this too much either way. It doesn’t make much of a difference in the DLC’s storyline. However, I do know that I went with letting them walk, as killing them doesn’t do me any good, and it gave me a clear conscience, the least. Finally, I highly recommend that you do the same!

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Last Updated on October 2, 2023

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