Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Accept Fiona’s Offer or not in Talent Academy

Should you accept Fiona’s offer in the Talent Academy gig in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC? Let us get right into it.

Should you accept Fiona’s Offer or not in Talent Academy in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

As we went ahead and started with the Talent Academy gig in Cyberpunk 2077, the very first thing that we were required to do was to make it to a location towards the southeast of Dogtown to speak with Hands’ associate. What follows is a conversation that covers everything there is to know about this particular mission. Once that’s over, all that remains is to jump in an elevator nearby to get to the exhibition hall. 

After making it to the exhibition hall, the very next thing that you’ll be instructed to do would be to locate Fiona’s office, which we decided to go about stealthily while completing and mind you, that’s quite a task, but you’re open to walk in guns blazing. 

Should you accept Fiona's Offer or not in Talent Academy in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Thinking about going in stealthily

Suppose you decide to get to Fiona’s office stealthily. In that case, you’ll need to first sit at an open bar stool to initiate a conversation with the Bartender, where you will specifically need to mention that it’s none of the Bartender’s business to ask you what team you work for. 

You need to stall until there’s a distraction- the broken glass. This will allow you to get through one of the personnel-only doors, and once you’ve managed to do so, you can sneak towards the southeast of the restricted area. It did take us a while to do this correctly, though, as you’ll need to make your move as soon as the glass breaks and be subtle with it. Any mistakes and the game’s over. 

Nevertheless, you’ll need to pass through the door in the Southeast corner to access and open Sports Medicine. You’ll need a nearby computer or sufficient technical ability to do so. We had enough technical ability to get through this door without needing a computer. However, if you can’t, there’s still another way-

Turn right around from the closed gate and walk straight till you reach the area with a couch. From here on, turn left and use a quick hack to get those shutters to open towards the left behind. Once you’ve made an opening, jump through it and descend the stairs. Keep walking towards your northwest, and you’ll eventually reach a dormitory door, where it’s a straight path to Fiona’s Office. 

Well, it’s better to go in guns blazing if you don’t like a challenge.

You could always just shoot everyone that comes in the way of you and Fiona’s office, and a great way to go about it is to walk up to the Bartender and say that you’re a part of the Shredders; that’ll lead to a huge brawl and eventually, a massacre caused by you. There, you’ll know how to reach Fiona’s office. 

Once you’ve reached Fiona’s office, you must talk to a child and start stealing data as quickly as possible. However, this will trigger a prompt and eventually become a conversation with Fiona. Here’s when we come in.

Should you accept Fiona’s offer?

Should you accept Fiona’s offer

Well, it’s a bummer that there’s no gameplay advantage should you choose to go either of the two ways. However, at least there’s some roleplay involved. Fiona’s offer of a “controlled” leak would mean she’d protect her valuable clients while selling out others. However, you could accept her offer if you feel her speech is worth it. Should you feel otherwise like we did, you can outright reject her offer and continue with the data stolen. 

One drawback, though, is that if you were to continue with the complete data steal by rejecting Fiona’s offer, we recommend that you not be like us and be prepared for some turbulence as soon as you leave Fiona’s office! 

That said, that’s everything you need to know about whether you should accept Fiona’s offer in the Talent Academy gig.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023

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