Croagunk Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Croagunk Location scarlet violet – Croagunk is Poison Pokemon of the Fighting type that you will find in Scarlet and Violet. This Croagunk Pokemon falls under the Human Egg Like group and will evolve into a Toxicroak once it reaches level 37. It has a fast EXP growth, a catch rate of 140, and a base friendship of 100.

So if you wish to add this Toxic Mouth Pokemon to your Pokemon collection, this article will help you.

Croagunk Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Croagunk Pokemon can be found in biomes like Swamp, River, and Lake. However, they are more common in the Swamps than in the lakes. This Pokemon can be found at any time of the day in habitats like:

  1. Casseroya Lake
  2. Area Five of the South Province
  3. Area Two of the West Province

This Pokemon can be easily found in the Area Five of South Province. Once you achieve higher levels, you will be able to find Croagunk in Area Two of West Province. Regular and Shiny versions of this Pokemon are available in this game.

This is the exact location of Croagunk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

croagunk location

How to defeat Croagunk in Pokemon SV

The Croagunk is a human-like Pokemon with Poison and Fighting characteristics. And if you want to take it to battles or fight against one of the Croagunks, then you should be aware of its abilities, weaknesses, and resistances.

Croagunk - Scarlet Violet

Croagunk Abilities

Here are some of the abilities of the Salandit Pokemon.

  1. Anticipation
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Poison Touch – This is a hidden ability that has a 30% chance to poison the opponents with your attack makes direct contact with.

Croagunk Weakness

The Croagunk Pokemon is weak against Psychic, Ground and Flying Pokemon.

The Pokemon can be damaged generally by

  1. Normal
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Electric
  5. Ice
  6. Ghost
  7. Dragon
  8. Steel
  9. Fairy

Croagunk can resist Pokemon like:

  1. Grass
  2. Fighting
  3. Poison
  4. Rock
  5. Dark
  6. Bug

Croagunk can be terastallized, adding a 1.5x damage bonus on its Tera Type Moves. However, you can use natures like Adamant to increase the Attack Speed and Jolly to increase the Speed Stat. For both of these cases, your Special Attack Stat decreases. The Pokemon drops off a Croagunk Poison TM Material which can be used to get.

  1. Low Sweep
  2. Drain Punch
  3. Gunk Shot
  4. Sludge Bomb

The Croagunk is a unique Pokemon; having one in your collection is worth it.

So this was about How to get and defeat Croagunk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Last Updated on January 6, 2023

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