Cord in Lego Fortnite – How to make

The Cord is yet another raw material in Lego Fornite that you might find yourself struggling with. Find in this article by Frondtech, how you could obtain the Cord and get stuff done!

How to make Cord in Lego Fortnite

Cord in Lego Fortnite

Cords can be made using a resource that can be found quite commonly – Vines. In case you do not have some on you, all you need to do to obtain vines is to break down small bushes or corn limbs. These small plants are usually found in the grasslands!

But that isn’t everything. Once you’ve managed to acquire some of these Vines, you’ll also need a Spinning Wheel utility station, to process it and get Cords as a product of it. Hence, here’s how you could get the spinning utility station and produce Cords.

Spinning Wheel in Lego Fortnite

The Spinning Wheel, just like the lumber mill, unlocks as you upgrade your village ~ specifically, in the utility tab of your build menu. Once you’ve managed to unlock it, you’ll need some raw materials to construct it, such as Wooden Rods, Planks, Raw Wood, and Wolf Claws, which makes it essential for you to have the lumber mill before you can get to the Spinning Wheel (We’ve composed a guide on the same so make sure that you check it out!).

Wolf Claws can be obtained by eliminating Wolf enemies as a drop reward. These wolves can be found in forests or sometimes even grasslands. Further, it shouldn’t be too hard to defeat one of them. However, just make sure that you either have a villager with you, or a sword to defend yourself!

Once you’ve acquired these materials, just craft a spinning wheel and then, the Cord by filling the machine with those vines. This process is the same as with the lumber mill, so there isn’t too much of a margin for error (the same yellow-bar system). Once a Cord has been produced, you can use it to craft other items in the game!

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Last Updated on December 10, 2023

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