BPM Bullets Per Minute – How to get Keys

BPM Keys – Wondering how to get more keys in Bullets Per Minute? Here is a guide for you.

BPM Bullets Per Minute – How to get Keys

What are keys used for in BPM?

Keys in Bullets Per Minute, are used to open the Golden Chests that spawn in the Chest Rooms or every now and then after you clear a room.

These Golden Chests contains all types of uncommon things. You can get new weapons, new armor, HP recovery, etc.

How to get Keys

Small or Normal Chests

Everytime you clear a room you will be rewarded with a chest. The chest can have gold, keys or health ups.

Combat Rooms

Combat rooms allow you to play the same room multiple times to get increasing rewards. These tend to be a bit more difficult then the average rooms so I wouldn’t exactly recommend it to a beginner to do it more than two times

Health Sacrifices

These shrines give you the opportunity to sacrifice health to gain coins or keys. I won’t recommend this for players who are new to the game. You have to make sure that you have enough HP before you go and take on new rooms. Health is probably the most crucial aspect of the game.


Bosses also have a chance to drop Keys and other loot in BPM. So make sure you check the room thoroughly after you defeat a boss.

If there are more ways to obtain Keys in BPM, then they are not known yet. I am sure that the devs will add more ways to get Keys in the game as BPM gets more and more popular.

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Last Updated on September 16, 2020

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