Borderlands 3 – How to skip the intro videos of 2K, AMD and Gearbox

Annoyed by seeing the three intro videos over and over again every time you launch Borderlands 3? Don’t worry as we have a fix for this.

Borderlands 3 – How to skip the intro videos of 2K, AMD and Gearbox

Can we skip the intro videos?

The simple answer to this would be, yes you can skip the videos. And it totally makes sense because these videos play every time the game is launched. And the worst part is there is no option to skip them in-game. This is really frustrating because it feels like we are being forced to watch them every time.

How to skip the intro videos?

Well, since the developers have not provided any simple or straightforward method to skip the videos, we had no other choice but to fiddle with the files in the installation directory. Fortunately we did find a solution. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the location where you have installed Borderlands 3. It should be in your Epic Games folder
  • Open the Borderlands 3 folder
  • Now open the OakGame folder
  • Open Content
  • Then open the Movies folder
  • Inside the folder you will see some video files
  • Delete or rename the following video files : 2KLOGO.mp4, AMDLOGO.mp4 and GBXLOGO.mp4

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That’s all folks!

Last Updated on September 13, 2019

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