Best WSP Stinger Loadout and Class Setup in MW3

WSP Stinger Build MW3 – Among the best sidearms in the game is the Stinger, which dominates at close-range combat. This makes it one of the best choices to opt for as a support for your primary weapon, and in this article, I’ll cover the best WSP Stinger Loadout and Class Setup you could create in Modern Warfare 3.

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Best WSP Stinger Loadout and Class Setup in MW3

Best WSP Stinger Loadout and Class Setup in MW3

There’s no doubt that there are many other options you could go for, but what makes the WSP Stinger prevail is the unmatched excellent fire rate. The attachments we’ll be opting for will make the weapon much steadier for you while maintaining the damage output and the fire rate, making it even more dangerous for your opponent if you pull out one of these.

With that being said, here’s the best WSP Stinger Loadout-

Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor
Stock WSP Factory Stock
Laser Sapphire-12 Laser
Magazine 32 Round Mag
Rear Grip Marauder Grip

All of these attachments are the ones that I found to be the best to create a more stable base for your primary weapon to rely on, in case that’s ever needed. Still, of course, I also recommend that you do a little testing of your own to determine the best attachments per your play style. If not, sit back and relax as we do the job for you!

The best primary for the WSP Stinger

If you’ve got a backup weapon as solid as the WSP Stinger, it’s probably best to opt for something that might fall under a “big gun” category. The ones often paired with the WSP Stinger are the MTZ Interceptor or the Longbow. Both of these are quite solid primaries, and your focus should be more towards the MTZ Interceptor as it’s quite excellent at mid/long ranges (the one-shots are quite satisfying!). 

The Best class setup for the WSP Stinger

Vest Infantry Vest
Gloves Quick-Grip Gloves
Throwable (Lethal) Semtex
Throwable (non-lethal) Smoke Grenade
Extras Munitions Box
Boots Lightweight Boots

As good as the Gunner vest is, you won’t be able to use it here if you’re looking to have the Stinger as your secondary and given that, I’ve decided to go with the second-best, which is the Infantry vest that’ll make sure that you’ve got some extra seconds of sprinting available at your disposal. 

The Semtex and Smoke are quite conventional, but I prefer the Semtex over other lethal choices as a good throw confirms you a kill. The Munitions Box will help you recover from a fight with a free Ammunition refill when needed. Finally, the Quick-Grip gloves act as the O.G. Sleight of Hands perk, resulting in a faster swap between your Primary and Secondary weapon.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more COD MW3 Guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

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Last Updated on November 14, 2023

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