Best MTZ 556 Loadout and Class Setup in MW3 and Warzone 3

If you are looking for the best loadout and class setup for your MTZ 556 in MW3 then look no further. This makes for one of the strongest all-around choices in Assault Rifles and is a great option for the new players. Given the gun’s fire rate and handling, it makes for a weapon that surely deserves a chance in every player’s arsenal.

This weapon has all-around decent attributes in every stat and is for mid-range combats. Although if you want an efficient weapon that is for aiming across the map, then you might not opt for this, but with this gun’s ability to take down its opponents and blast through them with a rain of bullets, I’m sure that most of you will be satisfied with the gun. I have built the perfect loadout and class setup for you, and to find out, keep reading!

Best MTZ 556 Loadout and Class Setup in MW3 and Warzone 3
Best MTZ 556 Loadout in MW3

The following loadout helps boost the gun’s range, damage, accuracy, and recoil control at very little cost. It would be best for small maps like Skidrow, Favela, and Hardhat, given the gun being built for close-quarters combat. 

Muzzle HMRES Mod Suppressor
Opt for the HMRES Mod Suppressor for being undetectable by radar. 
Barrel  MTZ Clinch Pro Barrel This helps improve the bullet velocity along with the range. It also helps with the firing aim stability and aiming idle sway. You would sacrifice mobility, but the boosts are worth it. 
Underbarrel Kimura Ryn-03 Vertical Grip
This would help to cancel the vertical recoil.
Magazine 50 Round Drum With the gun’s fire rate, it is a force to be reckoned with. So to not waste time in reloading, I would suggest going with this. 
Optic Slimline Pro
This helps increase the magnification and also gives you a small reflector sight with a red dot for better precision.

What is the best Class Setup: Secondary Weapon for MTZ 556 in MW3?

Given the gun 50 Round Drum that is attached to it, I find it best to pair it up with a weapon that will make sure you are not baffled when you find yourself with an empty gun. So I recommend the Renetti. This would help greatly as a secondary and will tear up the competition. 

Best Class Setup: Perks and Equipment for MTZ 556 in MW3?

Here is a list of the best perks and equipment that I recommend with the given loadout and class setup:

  • Infantry Vest: This will help boost the tac sprint.
  • Stalker Boots: Helps increase ADS and Movement speed, and will up your strafe. You could also opt for the Covert sneakers for more stealth.
  • Quick Grip Gloves: Will allow you to swap between your primary and secondary weapons, and that too with prowess.
  • Bone Conduction/EOD Padding: This will help you hear enemies that are trying to sneak up on you/Help reduce damage from all the non-killstreak fires and explosives. 
  • Frag Grenade/Flash Grenade/Semtex: For better damage/ To confuse your enemies, it all depends on your playstyle.
  • Munitions Box: With this loadout, you will have to make sure that you always have ammo on you and Munitions Box will do just the job. ll

That pretty much sums up all that there was to know about Best MTZ 556 Loadout and Class Setup in MW3 and Warzone 3.

If you think your MW3 loadout is better than the one in this article, let everybody know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out other Weapon Loadouts for Modern Warfare 3. Good luck.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on November 22, 2023

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