Best KATT-AMR Loadout (Quickscope) and Class Setup in MW3 and Warzone

Katt amr quickscope build – One of the newer additions to Modern Warfare 3- the KATT-AMR is a heavy sniper with a one-shot potential, with a few drawbacks. Nevertheless, these drawbacks can be tackled with the perfect loadout and class setup, and in this article, I’ll be covering just the same.

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KATT-AMR Quickscope Loadout and Class Setup in MW3 and Warzone
Best Katt-AMR Loadout in MW3

One thing that you should probably know is that the KATT-AMR isn’t a sniper rifle that you could run around with. You’ll need to camp kills out, playing at spots where players often peek. Further, we recommend using it for considerably bigger maps. Quarry, for instance, is a great example. It’s also recommended that you pair the KATT-AMR with a decent secondary weapon, as the primary won’t do you any good at close-range combats. 

Here are the best attachments for the KATT-AMR in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023).

Barrel Perdition 24” Short Barrel
Underbarrel Cornerstone Bipod (Doesn’t show but increases ADS Speed by 14%)
Stock Tactical Stock Pad
Bolt Ephemeral Quickbolt

With these choices for attachments, I’ve ensured that the gun’s one-shot potential is maintained while maximizing stability and mobility. This build also grants you Max ADS Speed. If you’ve used the KATT-AMR yet and played MW2, you’d probably have noticed some similarities between the Victus XMR and the KATT-AMR. They’re very similar in terms of performance. 

The Secondary Weapon

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll need something you can rely on in case you get pushed by an enemy, and hence, the best-recommended weapon to go along with the KATT-AMR is the WSP Stinger. However, if you’ve opted for the Gunner or Overkill vest, the striker is another great choice. We’ve composed a guide on both of these weapons. Make sure you check them out, too!

The KATT-AMR Class Setup:

Vest Infantry Vest
Gloves Commando Gloves
Footwear Covert Sneakers
Gear Ghost T/V Camo
Throwable (Lethal) Semtex
Throwable (Tactical) Stim
Other Battle Rage

The Infantry Vest goes well along with the Commando Gloves as having a combination of both ensures that you’ve got added sprint time and while you’re sprinting, you can reload the weapon you’re using- save a bit of time. Further, the Ghost T/V Camo and the Covert Sneakers help you get off your enemy’s radar.

The Throwable, as always, I recommend the Semtex and the only reason behind it is that a good throw (good ol’ STUCK) will ensure you get one kill, the least. Finally, the Battle Rage will help you recover quicker!

That’s everything there is to know about the KATT-AMR in Modern Warfare 3.

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