Best Gloves in MW3

In Modern Warfare 3, gloves are not just all about the look. Depending on what you choose you will notice effects on the way you will be interacting with your weapons along with equipment, with a few of them even offering unique advantages.

So if you are unsure about what to choose or if you have been in search of the best gloves for your gear in the game Modern Warfare 3, then I have you covered. Keep reading to find out!

What are the best Gloves in MW3

Best Gloves in MW3

In the game, MW3, there are 6 sets of gloves that have been made available to the players to use. Gloves, too are like killstreaks in the sense that a few of them would be hidden away in the Armory while a few of them would be unlocked only after your character reaches a certain level. 

Although all of the gloves that are there in the game are good, you need to remember that they are made to suit particular playstyles. So, before you decide what suits you the best, I do recommend checking out all of them. Additionally, if you are new to the game, I would recommend that you choose either the Scavenger Gloves, as the extra ammo it gives is never a waste, or opt for the Quick-Grip gloves, as this might prove to work best in the start as you grow your confidence in gunfights let’s say. 

So, here are the gloves that are available in the game, with their in-game description and why should you select them along with my picks as the best gloves. Note that my bests would differ as I have an aggressive playstyle. 

Rank Glove In-game Description The reason why you should get them
1 Quick-Grip Gloves Increases Weapon Swap Speed These give you an advantage in combat. When you run out of bullets in combat, you can either swap or reload, and I know you will agree that reloading feels like an eternity. So, if you have a good sidearm, usually swapping is the best choice and these gloves help you do it even faster. Personally, I have been guilty of going around with almost no bullets left and swapping has proved to be a lifesaver. 
2 Scavenger Gloves Resupply ammo and Throwing Knives from dead players If you are new and are struggling with landing your shots, or if you are a pro and have ammo issues, then these gloves are for you. These are excellent. However, they have missed the rank 1 and you can read the reason there to figure out just why so. 
3 Assault Gloves While jumping, time to ADS and accuracy is improved If you are in a 1v1 fight then you avoid getting shot and at the same time try to maintain your accuracy. Although I usually duck and slide, these gloves would give you that upper hand even when you are jumping. You can even expect the players to expect that their recoil would land shots on your head, and then you can catch them off guard. Trust me, if these are in the right hands, they can be deadly. 
4 Commando Gloves Reload while sprinting Given its niche uses, I have rated these gloves so low. The thing is, if I am running it will either be to cover open ground or if I am trying a close-range build, and here reloading while sprinting would cause a lot of sound and would leave me dead in no time.

However, if you pair it up with covert sneakers then it could prove to be a deadly combination. 

5 Marksman Gloves Reduces sway and flinch while ADS If you are a sniper, this might seem like an attractive choice given its sway reduction and flinch resistance. However, I have ranked this low because it only proves useful for particular weapons in the game. Given the game has a longer time to kill, your targets will be firing back often and if these gloves help you with a few extra engagements per shot then only is it worth it. 
6 Ordnance Gloves Throw equipment further. Reset the fuse timer on thrown-back grenades If you are a grenadier, then this would be good for you. Even the fuse reset proves to be handy, however, this is a catch. When you get used to throwing the grenades farther than you normally do, swapping back and then retaining your accuracy is where you get stuck, that is, it is a bit problematic.

Even though the fuse reset has its own uses, it can’t throw back Semtex, which is the most popular one. Though grenades are preferred during the beginning of the game, it is only till there and that is likely because of the Semtex being locked in the Armory. 

That pretty much sums up all that there was to know about the best Gloves in MW3. Stay tuned for further updates!

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on November 27, 2023

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