Assassin’s Creed (AC) Valhalla – Sons of Ragnar Quest Bug – Is there a fix

It looks like a quest called ‘The Sons of Ragnar‘ is bugged for a lot of players in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Is there a fix? Let’s find out.
ac valhalla - sons of ragnar quest bug

Sons of Ragnar Quest is Bugged in AC Valhalla

What is this bug all about?

AC Valhalla is filled with quests, big and small. And they are all are pretty different from each other. Quests in games like AC Valhalla do the job of educating players about the mechanics and the lore of the game. Without them a RPG title is incomplete.

But it looks like the ‘The Sons of Ragnar’ quest is stopping a lot of people from progressing in the game. The funny thing is, this bug is in the game since the release date of AC Valhalla.

There are plenty of posts about this bug on the Ubisoft AC Valhalla forum. Forum user /ProGamerzLolz was the first to post about this bug and here is what the user has to say:

Unable to progress with “The Sons of Ragnar”

After you meet with Ivarr, you go to ubba and speak with him, it won’t let me talk to him whatsoever I tried reloading and everything.

So the bug is actually stopping people from talking to Ubba. As the result they are not being able to complete the quest. The post immediately got a lot of attention and players who are experiencing the exact same bug started commenting. Currently to post has almost 850 comments, with more coming it every day.

Here is a comment from another user on this situation:

I have gotten to the point where I met ubba in the camp near the fast travel dock

A cutscene played where ivar came in, now I cannot proceed. There is a longboat in the path, filled with raiders (not in the WATER). My longboat is at the dock. I cannot speak to ubba again, though my quest tells me to speak to him.

All walkthroughs I have read tell me I must follow him to the next area.

Game is now broken for me

Is there a fix?

Well, there are some fixes for this bug. But the problem is they have not been proven to work for everyone. The first fix is from an user called /EvilEyeSK:


At least it worked for me… All you have to do is fast travel to Norway and back to England. Hope this helps!

Ps: this helped me several times when a side quest world event got bugged, etc.

Another user was quick to try this fix and fortunately it worked for him. Here is what he has to say:

This 100% worked for me. I fast traveled to Norway then back and the quest marker popped up but the boat was in the street. Ubba started talking though and let me speak to him everyone jumped on their horses to leave and got stuck on the road boat. I then got on my horse and started sprinting into them eventually something happen and they all rode around the boat. Thank you so much for finding this fix man there was no way I was losing 49 hours of exploring gj.

The good news is the developers are already aware of this bug. If you go to this link and look under “ISSUES UNDER INVESTIGATION”. You will notice Sons of Ragnar on the list.

You could obviously wait for Ubisoft to release a patch, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Here is a link to the original post, so that you can see what is going on in the Official Forums. You will find a ton of other fixes by various users on that post. It is better to try some them instead of waiting for Ubisoft to release a fix.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing other problems with the game then try checking out our other guides on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on December 1, 2020

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  1. Travilng to norway and back fixed iy for me yes there was a long boat in the path after speaking to ubba but i the quest marker transfered to where your suppose to go and if you ride towards it the others will follow

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