All Stray Camera Locations

All Stray Camera Locations – Get ready to explore the adventure game, Stray, published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by BlueTwelve Studio. You’re playing as a stray cat who lost his way, alone and split from its family.

In this third-person adventure game, you will enter a brutal world with plenty of machines, robots, and viruses. Stray has various old mystery puzzles to flee from the cybercity. But sometimes, in this indie game, you have to get rid of some scary cameras to protect your privacy.

You will encounter those cameras while traversing Midtown in Chapter 10. Sentinels installed those security cameras to watch over the residential area. Follow this article to rid those three cameras in different locations in Stray.

All Stray Camera Locations

To find the security camera, you have to reach Midtown in Chapter 10. Once you have entered Midtown, you will get a notification to complete the quest to discover the Residential Area’s three cameras.

Once you have found all those three camera locations, you can jump up and down to break them. Before that, find the locations of the camera below.

First Camera Location

To find the first camera in Stray, head to the window close to the stairs of the third floor. Make sure that potted plants are placed near your window.

First Camera Location - Stray

If yes, you’re in the correct window, which is precisely located on the second floor. As I mentioned, once you’ve found the camera, try removing it by hopping over.

Second Camera Location

The second camera is also located on the second floor. Move towards the handrailing and climb on top of it. Keep moving forward until you can reach the AC close to the wall. Here, you can discover your second camera while jumping to the top of the Ac from the handrails.

Second Camera Location - Stray

Don’t forget to observe, Mileo. This robot can help to find out the exact location of the second camera in Stray.

Third Camera Location

For the third camera, run to the third floor. Move forward to the handrails where you can see the screen frames, and don’t forget to climb onto them.

Third Camera Location - Stray

Afterward, if you look below the railings, you can find the camera.

Once you’ve completed the quest, the stray robots will provide you with a cassette tape as a reward, which is crucial while looking for the Clementine on the third floor.

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Last Updated on July 24, 2022

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