How to get Atomic Battery in Stray

Atomic Battery Stray – Stray is a highly anticipated game Single player game we have been waiting for a long time. The game was developed by the BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive.

This is a journey of a stray cat who fell into this cruel world populated by machines, robots, and viruses to get back to its family. The game features an open-world third-person adventure experience by focusing more on the exploration and atmosphere elements in the game. You can control the cat, solve puzzles, cross obstacles, and traverse various platforms.

After a particular stage in the game, you will get a Drone called B12, which will help you store food items and will help you translate the robot language. You will face enemies known as Zurks, and keep in mind that these enemies attack in swarms.

The Atomic Battery in Stray is an essential item you need to get to reactivate the Old Subway. Since the Neco Corporation Factory secures the area, you need to carve out a plan before you can get started. Once inside the site, you will have to save yourself from being detected by the Sentinels, and after some time, you will come across the Atomic Battery Puzzle. This is a critical puzzle in the game, unlike the Music Sheet Collection or the Paper Bag Side Quests. So this article will guide you on how to get Atomic Battery in Stray.

How to get Atomic Battery in Stray

Head to the factory in Midtown, and once you reach the very end of it, you will come across the Atomic Battery puzzle after you have rolled the barrel through the laser beams to block it.

barrel role laser

Once inside, you can spot the battery kept inside a protective case. You will have to find ways to open it up before accessing it.


You will have to activate three maintenance units. To start the first unit, you must get up to the storage cage on the side. Climb on top of it and jump over to the other side of the fence. Once on the ground, press space to jump and pull the lever down for the gates to open. To activate the other two maintenance units, you will have to align both units precisely opposite each other and ensure the switch lights are turned green.

Once you have activated the two opposite switches, the central enclosure which contains the atomic battery will rise, and you can barrel roll below it to start the switch. Once all floor switches turn green, the chamber will open up, and you will have access to the Atomic Battery Puzzle.

How to get Atomic Battery in Stray

Once you pick it up, it will trigger an alarm, and the whole factory will shut down. You must quickly escape through the open shutter and jump on a platform. Use the bucket pulley to head back to Midtown and exit the area.

How to use Atomic Battery in Stray

How to use Atomic Battery in Stray

Once you are done with the Atomic Battery heist, you will be back at the station. Once you are there, pass through one of the trains to the opposite side of the platform and follow the orange-lit stairs into the basement. If you follow the power cable, you will return to the area where you first started in Midtown. There will be a large control panel where you can insert the Atomic battery, and you will be able to bring back the power. After that, use the Subway key to start with the game’s final chapter.

So this was all about how to get Atomic Battery in Stray.

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Last Updated on July 23, 2022

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