How to perform Irish Whip in WWE 2K23

Irish Whip WWE 2K23 – WWE 2K23 is a Fighting Sports game based on World Wrestling Entertainment. It has been published under the 2K banner and is their 10th edition under the 2K name. The game features a plethora of male and female wrestlers from the WWE Universe, and the developers added new game modes in this 2023 edition.

Irish Whip is one of the most famous moves in WWE history, and 2K’s WWE 2K23 implements the ability to perform an Irish Whip as you whip or throw the opponent right into the ropes. Because of the tension of the ropes, you can hit your opponent with a light attack as soon as he returns. But if you are unsure how to perform an Irish Whip, continue reading this article. So this article will guide you on how to perform an Irish Whip move in WWE 2K23.

How to do Irish Whip in WWE 2K23

How to perform an Irish Whip in WWE 2K23

You must stand before your opposition wrestler to perform an Irish Whip move in WWE 2K23. You can target a wrestler by moving your left stick towards the other wrestler. Then you must press the B button if you are on Xbox or the Circle button on the Playstation first to grab him. Then move your left stick in the direction you want to whip your opponent. But remember that the inputs for Hammer Throw and the Strong Irish Whip Moves are different because you will have to press and hold the Circle or B Button for the second part of these moves, while for the Irish Whip move, you will only have to press the B or Circle along with the Left Stick.

A quick recap about the Irish Whip move button configurations

  1. For the first part (Grabbing): Press the B button if you are on the Xbox and Circle Button if you are on Playstation.
  2. For the Second part (Whipping the opponent): Press the B or the Circle and move the left stick toward the opponent.

Don’t use the Irish Whip move all the time. The best time to use an Irish Whip in WWE 2K23 is when your opponent is stunned or has received a decent amount of damage. Also, remember that you need to perform the Irish Whip move to progress through the John Cena 2K Showcase. Start practising your Irish Whip Moves if you still struggle with the timings.

So this was all about how to perform an Irish Whip move in WWE 2K23.

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Last Updated on March 17, 2023

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