World War Z – Game Crashing Upon Start Bug – How To Fix

The launch of World War Z has not been smooth at all. The game is filled with performance issues like lag, fps drops and freezing. Even though the game is good and is filled with content, that doesn’t take away the fact that World War Z is very poorly optimized.

A recent bug has popped up in World War Z that is not letting players to even start or launch the game. The game is crashing as soon as they are trying to launch it. It is hard to say what is the actual reason behind the problem. But we are pretty sure that it is not a problem for the side of the players as even players with high end PCs are suffering. Here is how to fix the bug that is causing World War Z to crash upon launch:

World War Z – Game Crashing Upon Start Bug – How To Fix

What is the game crashing upon start bug in World War Z?

It is a bug that is causing World War Z to crash for a lot of players as soon as they try to launch the game. If players could have somehow managed to go in-game then they could have atleast lowered their graphics settings too see if it fixes the bug. But sadly this bug is not letting players to even land on the main menu. Imagine how frustrating it can be, not being able to play a game at the launch day.

Is there a fix for this bug?

Due to World War Z being a completely new game, fixes for bugs like these might take some time to arrive. Though some players have managed to fix this bug and start the game successfully. According to them, all they did was update their Windows.

So check whether you have any pending Windows updates or not. Nowadays, Windows 10 updates are one of the major reasons behind various performance issues in games. It has already been proven that certain Windows updates have caused many games to crash in the past. Therefore there is a huge possibility of this bug being related to your Windows version.

You can also check out method 2, method 4 and method 6 from our World War Z lag fix guide and see if any of the methods are working for you or not. Try to keep an eye on the official forums to see what others players have to say about this bug.

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Last Updated on April 17, 2019

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