Where to Find Grandpa in the “Find Grandpa” Side Story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

There is no doubt that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a ton of Main Missions and Side Missions. While most of these missions are pretty easy to deal with, some require you to do some exploring. The “Find Grandpa” Side Story in Downtown Brooklyn is one of those.

In this mission, you head over to Prospect Park in Downtown Brooklyn, where an NPC called Tasha tells you that she has lost her Grandpa and you need to help her find him. She hands over a photo to you. Now, finding that location from the picture in your first task. Let’s take a look at the location:

Where to Find Grandpa

Here is the exact location from the picture:

Grandpa Location is Find Grandpa

Here is the screenshot of the building from the photo:

Once you reach there, Press L2 to Scan the Environment. Follow the signal, and it will lead you to a letter that the Grandpa has left. After reading the letter, you will get to know that the Grandpa has headed towards the Botanical Gardens. Now, you will have a waypoint for the location of Botanical Gardens, so follow it. In case, you lose the waypoint, just press R3 to get it back.

Once you reach Botanical Garden, Press L2 to Scan the Environment, and you will find an inhaler nearby. Once you are done with the inhaler, you will have to solve a puzzle, where your job is to destroy the corrupted atoms and create a trail to the location of the Grandpa. Now, I cannot just write how to solve the puzzle, but I can show you with the help of a screenshot.

Puzzle Solution

Here is how to solve the puzzle:

Find Grandpa Puzzle Solution in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

I have numerically labeled which atoms to destroy to make it easy for you. But if you are not being able to understand the picture, here is a video on how to solve the puzzle:

Once you solve the puzzle, you will create a trail leading you to the Grandpa. Consider swinging, as the place is pretty far. Once you reach the end of the trail, you will “Find Grandpa” sitting on a bench at the park. Press Triangle to engage in a conversation with him while you wait for his granddaughter to arrive.

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Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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