Unbroken Cloak location in Forspoken

Unbroken Cloak Forspoken – As you might have known by now, Forspoken is filled with many hidden gear pieces. Each of these pieces of gear can be equipped onto Frey Holland, and you will be able to increase your abilities as you upgrade your Cloaks. Cloaks are the best pieces of Gear that you can upgrade, and one of such Cloaks will be found in the later stages of the game. The name of the Cloak is unbroken, and it is one of the best Cloaks you will find in the game. But how do you find one?

So this article will guide you on how and where to find Unbroken Cloak in Forspoken.

Unbroken Cloak in Forspoken

Unbroken Cloak location in Forspoken

The Cloak is one of the three types of Gear you will find in the game. As you progress through the game and after beating the boss Tanta Prav you will easily be able to easily access the area of Visoria. Once you have entered Visoria, you will reach Visoria Castle Town. Once you reach there, head towards the Inner Visoria region on the south; you will come across a Curiosity Shop.

You can easily locate the Curiosity shop as it bears two arrows’ symbol. You will be able to get quite a few of the items that will help you on your journey on the way back home. As soon as you reach here, buy a Sewing Kit, which will cost you around 64 Gold coins. If you are running short of Gold Coins, you can look for them in and around Athia and come back once you have enough.

Once you have purchased the Sewing kit, you can use that to craft the Unbroken Cloak or the Home Sweet Hell Necklace using any crafting stations on the map. You need to have these items to craft the Unbroken Cloak.

  1. 3x Fluteblossom
  2. 3x Bumbershoot
  3. 3x Lucid Garland

Unbroken Cloak Crafting Requirements in Forspoken

There are a total of three upgrades already applied to the Unbroken Cloak.

  1. Critical hit upgrade that absorbs Enemy health
  2. Critical boost upgrade enhances the magic recharge rate
  3. The Cuff Counter upgrade also improves the magic recharge rate.

You can switch out any of these upgrades at a crafting station if you have a different playstyle, but it is meant for those building Frey for critical hits.

So this was all about how and where to get Unbroken Cloak in Forspoken.

Forspoken is a 3rd Person Action Adventure game where you will step into the shoes of Frey Holland, the main protagonist, as she gets teleported to a magical land of Athia and needs to return home to New York. You will have to find a lot of monsters on the way with magic. It is a beautiful-looking game developed by Luminous Studios and published by Square Enix.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2023

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