Best Nails for Early Game in Forspoken

Forspoken best nails – Forspoken is finally out and is available on PlayStation 5 and PC. If you wish to make the game easy, then one option that you have is changing the difficulty or the second is to hunt for better nails. They aren’t like necklaces or cloaks, due to the fact that you have two hands, you can equip nails twice and they then in turn make you strong for battles by adding useful effects. If you are jumping into the game, then here are all the best nails for the early game that you should get. 

Best Nails to Start with in Forspoken

Although nails can be claimed to be the toughest gear to locate in the game, you can expect to find nail upgrades at guild activities, fort activities, and Detours as you continue to explore more and more of the world, that is, the map. 

We recommend that you complete the Xenos Guild activity for the best early-game nails. You will find this activity as soon as you are exposed to the open world. When completed, you will receive Blue Flash Nails that are going to ‘Increases the speed at which Attack Magic can be charged’.

Blue Flash Nails in Forspoken

As you progress through the game, you get two nails, first is Slay, which, ‘Increases the damage dealt by Support Magic when Surge Magic is full charged.’

Slay Nails in Forspoken

Second is Clutch, which, ‘Increases the rate at which health is recovered when it drops below a certain level.’

Clutch Nails in Forspoken

Like cloaks and necklaces, nails are not going to add any health or provide defense, but instead, they are going to add some specific bonus to your abilities of magic. Once you have figured out the magic abilities that work the best for you and also the places where you would like to notch it up a little, you can go hunt for more nails at the activities like guilds, forts, and detours. 

While nails are good, if you want to be the best version of Frey, you would need to also collect lots of Mana quickly. They would unlock more and more spells, which means only more and more fun. To your advantage, when you do the activities for nails as reward, you collect a lot of Mana as well. 

That is all there is to know about Best Nails for Early game in Forspoken.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2023

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