Starfield: Kill Imogene or Let her live in Guilty Parties?

You probably know by now that there’s never a “right” answer in Starfield, only a better choice of the ones given, and you’ll need to choose the so-called better option when it comes to the Guilty Parties quest, specifically when you are asked to assassinate Imogene. At least you’ll have a few options to choose between, and if you’re facing this dilemma alone, do not worry, as we have your back!

Keep reading this article until the end as we cover everything you need to know about whether to Kill or Let Imogene live in Starfield.

Kill Imogene or Let her live in Guilty Parties in Starfield?

Imogene Salzo is an NPC that you’ll eventually meet at Ryujin Industries, and during one of the missions in Guilty Parties, you’ll be required to assassinate her. Here, the choices are clear: either you follow the orders and assassinate Imogene, or on the other hand, you could go rogue and let her live to see another day. We’ll analyze both of these choices to get you better insights on what you should do to benefit more from it in the long run with the campaign. Here it is-

If you kill Imogene

If you kill Imogene

Killing Imogene isn’t the best choice in this scenario. Once you eliminate her, you can loot her passcode, gear, credits and the slate that contains evidence against Ularu, and here, you’ll further have two choices- to either take the evidence to Dalton or to confront Ularu directly with the evidence that you’ve just acquired.

If you choose to go with Dalton, you’ll soon realize that Dalton preferred for her to be brought in alive, as were his preferences. If you confront Ularu, she’ll confess she’s the mole and her ambitions to take over Ryujin Industries. Further, she’ll ask for your support going up against Masako. 

Eventually, you’ll be required to choose between Masako and Ularu at the board meeting, where you could certify that it was, in fact, Imogene who was the mole. That’s pretty much everything that takes place once you’ve eliminated Imogene. 

If you let Imogene live

If you let Imogene live

As you probably know by now, Dalton suspects that Imogene is the mole, and in this mission, you’ll be the mole-hunter. Upon finding her in the Syndicate Backroom, just interacting with the NPC thereon provides some conclusive proof as to why she isn’t the mole and, in reality, Ularu is. If you let Imogene live, it won’t make much of a difference other than that you’d NOT be committing a crime or wrongdoing, given that it’s Ularu you’re truly looking for. Also, Imogene will be seen again at the Ryujin HQ once you’ve completed the mission.

Whether you kill Imogene or let her live doesn’t make much difference. However, you’d move on with a clear conscience if you were to convict the person who did the deed- Ularu. This leads us to our conclusion- It’s better just to let Imogene Live. 

You have a bit to gain by killing Imogene, such as credits, her gear, and other stuff; however, do know that it isn’t worth all the effort. 

That said, that’s everything you need to know about whether to let Imogene live or Kill her in Starfield’s Guilty Parties quest.

So, that is all about “Kill Imogene or Let her live in Guilty Parties” in Starfield. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 24, 2023

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