Starfield: How to Marry

Starfield is finally out now, and the hype is immense. The game allows its players a lot of things, one of which is getting married. Players can find their dream spouse and then live happily ever after, all thanks to the option of marriage. 

Marriage is a very beautiful concept, and players can find their life partners in the game. In Starfield, relationships are not just about flirting amid space and waking up in the same bed together. Players can grow their relationships as they continue the game, impress their companions with their sense of judgment and morality, and then eventually ask them for their hand in marriage. In Starfield, marriage is possible and does not require a skill check to pass or an amulet of Mara. 

Starfield How to Marry

How to Marry in Starfield

Only four characters in the game can be married: Sarah Morgan, Andreja, Barrett, and Sam Coe. Players need not worry about their traits, background, gender, or allegiance, as each character is romanceable, no matter the circumstances. Players can commit to any of them; however, it might be a lengthy road if they want to enter into marriage. The first step that needs to be done is to make the chosen companion an active follower.

1. Do things that your Companion likes in Starfield 

Now that the player has their chosen companion as their follower, they must complete activities and quests with them. This will help create a bond in which both share adventures and see how the player responds/resolves various situations. Note that each of the characters ’ likes are different. While most like justice at any cost, others might like a more diplomatic approach. 

Hence, players must listen to their companion and complete actions or dialogue options that show something like ‘Andreja liked that’. If the opposite is shown, we suggest players reload their save and try things differently. Remember that players should avoid eliminating innocent NPCs as most companions will reject them for this crime. The main goal is to get the approval of the companion so that they want to talk to the player, even though they do not see it romantically just yet. 

2. Choose the Flirt Option in Starfield

After players have spent time with their chosen companions, they will soon get the option to talk to them. This is more so because the chosen companion will ask the players for a moment of their day to talk to them. While conversing, players can choose the response that can turn them from coworkers to life partners. The players must choose the option of [flirt] whenever available. 

All the conversations won’t have this option, but when it is there, it should be selected even if the player gets rejected initially or the companion gets shocked or seems awkward. It is pertinent that the NPC knows that the player is interested in them.

3. Completing the Relationship Mission in Starfield

After about five conversations, the companion starts viewing the player as their close friend and feels comfortable sharing their secret. This helps them embark on the special relationship quest about helping out a friend or romance. All 4 of the romance options in the game have one of these quests. 

After the quest is completed, players can again engage in conversation and choose to flirt, and at this point, they choose whether they want to be an Ally, a good friend, or a formal dating partner. A final conversation emerges, where players can choose between being friends or a romantic couple. 

4. Traveling together in Starfield

After this, players can enjoy their adventure across space with their new romanced companion. The only thing left is to travel together, and after a few in-game days and hours, the companion will want to talk to the player again about their relationship. 

Here on, the players can become fully committed and will also be given some time for the preparations of this proposal. After the proposal is acted upon, the players must wait for the mission to emerge, where the Commitment quest will start. 

5. Completing the Commitment quest in Starfield

The commitment quest can begin whenever the partner is ready to talk, wherein the couple will share a life and fulfil their wish to get married to each other. Depending on the character, the game takes the players to different destinations. Players also get the option to choose who comes to their wedding, as a few characters want it to be the two of them, while the others might want a parent or a friend. 

No matter what is chosen, both can begin their journey to their chosen destination to begin the marriage. Players must follow the available dialogue options to reaffirm their commitment and enter into the marriage in the game. They also get a wedding gift from their wedding partner.

6. Perks of being married in Starfield

To begin with, the player’s chosen life partner will find and gift items more often and regularly to the player. Moreover, they will also be sleeping in the same bed as the player, thus giving them a more increased sense of warmth and comfort in the cold and endless abyss of wonder and space. 

Although these benefits might not include new abilities and XP gains, the conversations will get more exciting, given that the companion will speak to the player differently. The companion will also smile quite brightly at the player, showing their approval and love. 

Marriage guide Starfield

Players will also find new dialogue options to check in on their relationship and spouse. Even though no cutscenes show the character getting intimate, they sure can expect a somewhat raunchy and flirtatious line of dialogue about what they were up to the previous night. 

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about How to marry in Starfield.

So, that is all on “How to Marry in Starfield”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 8, 2023

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