Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Moves and Combos List

This guide will show you every single move and combo for both Peter and Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Keep reading.

Once you go through this article, you will have complete knowledge about the different moves and combos that you require to play Marvel’s Spider-man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Moves and Combos List


  • Basic Attack: Square
  • Basic Ground Combo: Square, Square, Square, Square
  • Dodge: Circle
  • Perfect Dodge: Circle (Right before getting hit, when Spidey-Sense becomes red)
  • Heal: Directional Pad down
  • Dodge Under: Square or Triangle, Circle
  • Long Dodge: Circle, X
  • Off the wall attack: Circle Button towards the wall, Square
  • Web-Strike: Triangle
  • Web-Strike Follow Up: Triangle, after contact with enemy Square button
  • Web Yank: Triangle Hold
  • Parry: L1 (Right before getting hit, when Spidey-Sense becomes red)
  • Parry Follow Up: L1, Square
  • Leap Off: Square, X
  • Throw: Triangle (Hold Near Enemy)
  • Throw Object: L1 + R1
  • Yank Down: Hold Triangle (Enemy in the air)
  • Finisher: Triangle + Circle
  • Web-Shooter: R1 (Tap)
  • Upshot: R1 + Triangle
  • Web Grabber: R1 + Square


  • Air Attack: Square (In the air)
  • Air Launch: Square (Hold)
  • Air Dodge: Circle (In the air)
  • Air Perfect Dodge: Circle (Right before getting hit, when Spidey-Sense becomes red)
  • Basic Air Combo: In the air: Square, Square, Square, Square
  • Air Launch Follow Up: Hold Square, Square
  • Swing Kick: Hold Square (In the air)
  • Air Yank: Hold Triangle (In the air)
  • Air Throw: Hold Triangle (In the air with an enemy)
  • Ground Strike: Square + Air (In the air)
  • Air Leap Off: X (In the air)
  • Bounce Up: Hold Triangle (In the air with an enemy)
  • Air Swap: Square or Circle, Triangle (In the air with an enemy)


  • Melee Takedown: Square
  • Web-Strike Takedown: Triangle
  • Perch Takedown: Square
  • Ceiling Takedown: Square
  • Wall Takedown: Square


  • Swing: Hold R2 (In the air)
  • Swing Jump: X (While Swinging)
  • Jump: X
  • Sprint / Parkour: R2 (Hold)
  • Charge Jump: Hold R2 + X
  • Deploy Web Wings: Triangle (In the air)
  • Web Wings Dodge: Circle (While gliding)
  • Zip to point: L2 + R2
  • Zip to point (Aim): Hold L2, R2
  • Point Launch: L2 + R2, X (Before landing)
  • Web Zip: X (In the air)
  • Quick Recovery: X (Landing after swinging, while rolling)
  • Wall Run: Hold R2 (Near or on a wall)
  • Wall Run Boost: X (While wall running)
  • Dive: L3
  • Air Tricks: Hold Square, Left Analogue Stick in any direction (In the air)
  • Wall Crawl Disengage: X or Circle (While wall crawling)
  • Wall crawl from ground: Left analog stick (Towards wall)
  • Perch on ledge: L3 (Near an edge)
  • Ceiling Hang: L2, Left Analogue Stick (Crawling on Ceiling)
  • Water Jump: X (In the water)
  • Slingshot Launch: Hold L2, X
  • Ledge Crest: X (Near building top)


  • Spider Barrage: L1 + Square
  • Spider Whiplash: L1 + X
  • Spider Rush: L1 + Triangle


  • Camouflage: Directional Pad Up
  • Venom Smash: L1 + Circle
  • Venom Jump: L1 + X
  • Venom Dash: L1 + Triangle
  • Chain Lightning: L1 + Square


  • Scan: R3
  • FNSM app: Left Swipe Touch Pad
  • Tag Activity: After Scan Hold L2, R3 (On an activity icon)
  • Tether Web: Hold L2, R1 (While looking at a tether point)
  • Equip Camera: Up Swipe Touch Pad

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Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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