Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Controls

Looking for the controls for Marvel’s Spider-man 2? Here they are.

Once you go through this article, you will have complete knowledge about the different keyboard controls and key bindings that you require to play Marvel’s Spider-man 2. It is very important to know all the exact controls, or you will find yourself licking the floor quite often.

All the controls and keybindings given below are set by default and have not been changed in any way.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Controls

  • Attack: Square Button
  • Jump: X Button
  • Dodge: Circle Button
  • Web-Strike / Web Wings: Triangle Button
  • Web-Shooter (Tap) / Gadget (Hold): R1
  • Swing (Hold) / Parkour (Hold): R2
  • Parry (Tap) / Ability (Hold): L1
  • Aim: L2
  • Map (Press): Touchpad
  • Camera: Right Analogue Stick
  • Show Objective / Scan Environment: R3
  • Move: Left Analogue Stick
  • Perch / Dive: L3
  • FNSM App: Left Swipe Touchpad
  • Camera: Up Swipe Touchpad
  • Options: Options Button (≡)
  • Camouflage: Directional Pad (Up)
  • Shortcut 1: Directional Pad (Left)
  • Shortcut 2: Directional Pad (Right)
  • Heal: Directional Pad (Down)

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Controls

These were all the default controls and keybinds of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. If you are looking for the Controls for Moves and Combos, we have a separate article for that.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Good luck.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on October 20, 2023

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