Is there DLSS in Starfield?

Starfield DLSS – Among games, a favorite is DLSS; Starfield, too, will be getting its version. However, at what cost? There’s just a small amount of time left before the world gets answers to all the questions surrounding Bethesda’s latest title by Bethesda, and among all, this guide deals with the answer to the question.

Will there be DLSS support in Starfield? Keep reading to find out all that you need to know! However, remember that the answer might be very pleasing for all. 

Is there DLSS in Starfield

DLSS Support in Starfield

Starfield arrives in just over a week, and the date for the fans to get their hands on this space epic is the 6th of September 2023. The game’s early access starts on the 1st of September and allows purchasing either the Premium Upgrade or Premium Edition. 

At the launch of Starfield, DLSS will not be implemented officially in the game. However, there are plans by a modder to make the addition of DLSS to the game via a monthly subscription service. By this, the fans who want to implement DLSS in their game can do so with just a cost attached to it, monthly. 

For using DLSS mods by PureDark, they charge around $5 per month. Now, whether or not this sounds appealing, you must decide if you want to use DLSS in the game. However, you are simply paying for a creator’s hard work, and we see no problem in such a decision, but modders, as a culture, criticize PureDark for using paywalls for their Modded content. 

Keep in mind that Nvidia created the technology of DLSS to boost a game’s graphics without regard to the actual internal graphics card. And, with Starfield having its main partner as AMD, it might be why there does not exist official DLSS support. 

About PureDark

Bethesda’s one of the most infamous modders, known for adding DLSS support to PC games and, in return, charging a monthly fee to continue usage, goes by the name ‘PureDark’. 

Now, a move of theirs that has been criticized quite often is adding their DRM to prevent the mods’ piracy. This is because most of the modding community believes that all the mods should be free and criticizes the Creation Club of Bethesda for charging for mods, too. PureDark responded to one such criticism coming from Starfield with the following:

It takes time and energy to maintain a mod, and I would like to make it version-independent. I meant attracting people with new mods is always better than mod breaking and people having to resub.

So, starting from Starfield, it will not break upon game updates. I’ll implement something like the address library or use signatures to ensure that.

And I’ll gradually update my other mods to be version-independent (it takes time).

I’ve always tried to make my service XGP-like so that anyone who subscribes at any time can access all my previous mods without having to pay for each, and I have been making new mods each month. I don’t think $5 for such a service is too much to ask; that’s all I have to say.

Previous criticisms surrounding PureDark were related to them charging various times for new updates to mods needed whenever Bethesda patched their games. However, Starfield has confirmed that the mod would not require various payments to be made. 

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about. Is there DLSS in Starfield?

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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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