How to unlock Coop in Gotham Knights

If you enjoy watching the Batman series, the game Gotham Knights is a must-play for you. Even though the game focuses on the post-batman’s death scenario, the plot is such that you are required to fight for justice in Gotham City, playing along with Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin.

As you’ve probably guessed, this is an Action-Role playing game. Additionally, you’re also required to investigate Batman’s disappearance, which makes the plot very, very interesting. I, myself, am a DC fan and was amazed at this game’s storyline. 

Now, getting back to the point, let’s say you’ve started playing the game, and have a few friends along with whom you’d like to play the game.

You’re in luck, because the game supports Co-op, and with this article, we at Frondtech will guide you, as to how you can unlock and start the Co-op mode in Gotham Knights, so without further ado, here it is:

How to Unlock Co-op in Gotham Knights

The game doesn’t allow you to play Co-op mode since the very beginning, so there are a few things you might want to get over with. We’ll guide you with the same. Getting into it, you’ll be able to play Co-op once you’ve completed The Langstrom Drive, which is chapter 1.2 of the main story.

Complete the 'The Langstrom Drive' chapted to unlock Coop Multiplayer

You’ll be able to unlock this mode in roughly 1-2 hours of gameplay, this of course depends on certain factors, for example, the difficulty you’re playing on plays a massive role here. Now, here’s the sequence you’d want to go about in order to unlock Co-op in Gotham Knights: 

  1. You’ve got to start with the tutorial, which will teach you the basics of the game.
  2. Once you’re at chapter 1.2, start it and follow these guidelines to get done with it quickly:
  3. Leave Belfry and start patrolling Gotham.
  4. Find and Defeat criminals, following which you’ll start gathering some Clues.
  5. When you have enough leads, pay attention to Alfred’s message.
    Listen to Alfred's Message - Gotham Knights
  6. Visit the GCPD meeting location.
  7. Next, get to the GCPD Headquarters’ back entrance. Staying stealthy while doing so will get you some extra points.
  8. Enter the headquarters after you’ve arrived there.
  9. Now try to find a workaround for the security checkpoint.
  10. Get to the bullpen by sneaking through the restricted area.
  11. Get to the officer bullpen now, and then cross over to the opposite side.
  12. Finally, once you’re there, you’ll be required to open the Forensics Wing door.
  13. Next, grab the Sergeant’s keycard and use it to open it.
  14. Proceed to the morgue
  15. Find Longstorm’s body and examine it.
  16. While looking through the body, you should be able to find a bio-decryption key.
  17. Escape the GCPD headquarters by leaving the autopsy room.
  18. And finally, Return to Belfry as soon as you are able to escape.
  19. Once you’re at Belfry, it should be daytime. 
  20. Now that you have finished the instructions for the Prepare for Patrol mission, you need to check the Evidence Boards.
  21. Finally, you need to do these three tasks:
  22. Using the workbench, craft a melee weapon.
  23. Complete the Interrogation program.
  24. Read the newspaper, which will be on the workbench.
    Prepare for patrol tasks

Once you’ve done all the aforementioned tasks, Co-op will finally unlock for you to play. 

That’s pretty much everything we had regarding how you can unlock the Co-op mode in Gotham Knights. We’re going to be covering a bunch of other guides for this game and many more, so, see you all in the next one!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

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