How to save your game progress in the Scorn

Saving a game’s progress is crucial, especially for Story-based and mission-based games, so that you can continue from where you have left next time you sit to play the Scorn. But the game doesn’t feature the Manual Save feature like most other games. So what should be done?

Scorn is finally out after a lot of anticipation. This is probably one of the best horror games in 2022. As the player, you control a creature or a humanoid who is lost on an unknown planet. The planet is filled with strange creatures and techno-organic structures composed of machines, flesh, and bones. Your objective is to explore different interconnected regions, searching for answers to explain more about the game’s storyline.

The developers did a great job designing the levels, and the artwork is fantastic, which is why I checked out the game. The game features a unique full-body awareness, making the immersion much better and more realistic when picking up objects or interacting with the surroundings. The Scorn first-person horror action-adventure game was developed by Ebb Software and published by Kepler Interactive.

The Scorn game is not only a puzzle horror game but also emphasizes explorations. These are the moments where you will need a manual save feature. Otherwise, all the exploration progress is lost when you quit the game.

You will also come across situations in the game where you will need the manual save features, such as during the combats and the encounters so that you can spawn right at that point if you happen to die or something goes wrong.

Since Scorn doesn’t provide any viable explanation for not adding the manual save feature, so this article will guide you on how to save your game progress in Scorn.

How to save your game progress in the Scorn

How to save your game progress in the Scorn

As mentioned earlier, Scorn doesn’t let you manually save your game progress, and it has been a frustration for all the players playing this game, but right now, we have to accept it because this is how the game is designed and works at the moment.

The developers deliberately did this to add an extra layer of challenge to the game. But we think that in the future, the developers might add the Manual Save feature with a patch update, and there have been rumors going on in the forums regarding this.

So to save the game progress, you must reach the game checkpoints while continuing your journey. This way, the game keeps track of your progress and helps you respawn back to the last checkpoint in case of any mishaps.

The first half of the game is not so hectic because you won’t be getting into combats and encounters, so although the checkpoints will be a little fewer, you will quickly get through the first half if played correctly.

But as you approach the second half of the game, the encounters and combat encounters increase, and the checkpoints surprisingly increase. This is Scorn’s way of balancing the game with checkpoints and saving points.

Yes, we know with the absence of a Manual save, this might not be the best solution for players who always want to take complete control of the game’s progress, but at this moment, the only way to save the game’s progress in the Scorn is by reaching the checkpoints.

So this was all about how to save your game progress in the Scorn.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Scorn guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will cover every technical issue of the game on the launch day. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

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