How to get the Scorcher in Call of Duty Warzone

The Scorcher in COD Warzone is a Wonder Weapon that you can use in the Zombies Mode. This weapon features infinite ammo, so you can headshot as many zombies as you wish.

So, in this article, we will talk about getting the Scorcher in Call of Duty Warzone.

How to get the Scorcher in Call of Modern Warfare 3

How to get the Scorcher in Warzone

How to get the Scorcher Schematic

To get the Scorcher Schematic, you will have to defeat Greylorm. Greylorm is a hidden boss that you will find in MW3, and you will only be able to fight him inside the Aether Storm. To make this boss spawn, you must find 4 Calibration Data USBs and place them inside the Refractor Terminals. You will see these inside the Aether Storm.

A Reward Rift will spawn after you have killed the Greylorm and will have a chance to contain the Flawless Aetherium, Legendary Aether Tool Schematic, or the Scorcher Schematic. Remember that the Scorcher Schematic is not a guaranteed drop, and you will have to beat this boss multiple times to get the desired Schematic from Greylorm.

How to Exfil with the Scorcher

The only way to exfil the Scorcher is by getting your hands on the Scorcher Weapon Case. When you open the Weapon case, you cannot put the Scorcher back inside, and the only option left is to either drop it or use it in the current run. Remember that you can get the weapon cases from the reward Riffs inside the high-threat zones after defeating the warlord inside the legacy fortress.

Exfiltrating an already equipped Scorcher without a weapon case will automatically convert to 400 Bonus XP. Remember that COD MW3 doesn’t allow you to use these weapons, as these special weapons will become common if everyone starts using them after being infiltrated with them.

How to get the Scorcher

You can get the Scorcher as a possible drop after you have defeated the Warlord inside the Legacy Fortress. Remember that it can only be done once per match. Despite being challenging, this method is the best because of the better drop rate than the Mystery Boxes, and it is free. Remember that you can also get other Wonder Weapons from the Legacy Fortress Reward Rift.

You can also pull it off from the Mystery Box for 950 Essence, but keep in mind that you cannot exfiltrate with a Scorcher that you have obtained via the Mystery Box.

So that was all about how to get the Scorcher in Call of Duty Warzone!

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Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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