How to get Forerunner in Destiny 2

This guide will show you how to get the new Forerunner Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 – How to Unlock the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm

I have already crafted an article on the great Gjallarhorn. Now, it is time to take a look at the new Forerunner Sidearm. The Forerunner is an Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2, that has arrived with the Bungie 30th Anniversary update. The weapon resembles the Magnum from Halo, and packs quite a punch.

Despite being a sidearm, the Forerunner is really heavy-hitting. And, that is due to the Intrinsic Perk it comes with. Let’s take a quick look at the Intrinsic or Exotic Perk of the Forerunner:

  • FULL STOP – Oversized Sidearm with extended-range, heavy-caliber rounds. Fires full auto with increased rate of fire. Deals increased precision damage to unshielded targets.

It comes with another trait called Pace Yourself. It is a Legendary Trait:

  • PACE YOURSELF – Tapping the trigger gives this weapon less recoil and improves accuracy.

Destiny 2 - Forerunner Exotic Sidearm

Though, Forerunner is a full auto weapon. I would recommend that you go for tap fire, instead. You will find yourself landing headshots, quite frequently, inside Crucible. The range on this weapon is also incredible.

How to get Forerunner

Unlike the Gjallarhorn, you don’t need to purchase the 30th Anniversary Pack to unlock the Forerunner. Everyone could get their hands on the Forerunner, as long as they are ready to grind for it. Here is what you need to do:

  1. As soon as you sign in after installing the 30th Anniversary event, you will be thrown immediately inside an activity called “Dares of Eternity”
  2. After you complete the activity, you will be asked to visit Xur
  3. Open Destinations
  4. Select Eternity
  5. Now click on Xur’s Treasure Hoard
  6. As soon, you drop inside Xur’s Treasure Hoard, you will notice Xur standing right there
  7. And there will be a quest in your inventory called “To the Daring Go the Spoils”
  8. The quest will point you towards a chest near Xur
  9. Once you accept the first package from the quest, Xur will give you another quest called “Magnum Opus”
    Destiny 2 - Magnum Opus Quest
  10. Magnum Opus is the Exotic Quest that will reward you with the Forerunner

How to Complete Magnum Opus

Step 1

Collect Strange Coins – You need to 7 Collect Strange Coins and bring them back to Starhoarse in Eternity. There are plenty of activities that give you Strange Coins. Dares of Eternity activity, Strikes, Crucible matches, Heroic Public Events, Gambit matches, etc.

Step 2

Starhoarse bounties – You need to complete 3 Starhoarse bounties. The cheapest ones cost 3 Strange Coins, and it can go all the way upto 7. Here are the conditions tied to the Starhoarse bounties:

  • Only one can be held at a time
  • They must be completed in a single round of Dares of Eternity
  • They can be refunded from the Quests screen
  • The bounties do not expire

Step 3

Strange Key – You need to obtain a Strange Key from Xur in Eternity. But, to get the key, you need to reach rank 4 with Xur first. I would recommend, that you do Xur and Starhoarse bounties, and keep grinding the Dares of Eternity activity.

Step 4

After you obtain the key, back out of Xur’s menu, and turn around. You will notice a waypoint, leading to a portal. Take the portal, and you will be teleported to the valley area, which is also the starting point of the Dares of Eternity event.

Step 5

After you spawn on the bridge, look to your right, and you will notice a cluster of rocks at a distance. Go near those rock, and you will get the prompt, “Use Strange Key”.
Destiny 2 - Magnum Opus - Use Strange Key Location

Step 6

After you use the key, you will notice a message pop-up on the left side of your screen saying, “A barrier lowers somewhere up ahead”. With that, you will also get a waypoint.

Step 7

Follow the Waypoint, and you will find yourself inside a cave. Inside the cave, you will notice some golden circular objects moving in the area. Jump on top of one. It will lead you towards a ledge on top.

Step 8

After going through the entrance, you will notice some platforms. Keep on jumping, and going up using the platforms. Once you reach the top one, look to your left, and you will notice another ledge.
Destiny 2 - Magnum Opus - Ledge inside cave

Go through the entrance, and you will come by a jumping puzzle. Keep on climbing, and moving further, until you reach another entrance.

Step 9

Go through the entrance, and you will find yourself inside a room, with a cryopod. Interact with the cryopod, and you will receive an “Anomalous Object”. The Magnum Opus quest will also update itself.

Step 10

Finally, all you have to do, is take that object to Banshee. Visit Banshee, and he will give you the Forerunner

Forerunner Catalyst

To be honest, I am not sure whether you get the Catalyst as a random drop, or via any Exotic Catalyst quest. From what I have heard, you get the catalyst from Xur only. I maybe completely wrong.

I am awaiting more information. Likewise, I will update this article with accurate information, as soon as I manage to unlock the Forerunner Catalyst.

Check out the Bungie 30th Anniversary trailer:

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on January 6, 2024

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