How to Get Cloth in V Rising

Cloth V Rising – Stunlock Studios’ most recent vampire survival game V Rising has tons of materials that will help the players to step forward through the game. In this dreadful game, players can collect loot and craft until the sun rises, which helps to develop the player’s character and strength.

If you have crafting materials like cloth, you can easily construct a piece of good-quality equipment. Cloth is one of the key materials in V Rising. It’ll be more beneficial when you want to boost your armor and gear level.

I am pretty sure that most of the V Rising players got introduced to Grave Dust, as a resource, while crafting the Traveller’s Wrap. You need 4x Cloth and 4x Leather to craft it.

It’s easy to pile up cloth in your loot, but how? In this article, I would like to share clear guides on How to get Cloth in V Rising. Let’s find out!

How to get Cloth in V Rising

You can get Cloth in V Rising by crafting them using the Loom. Let’s start with building a Loom machinery in your kingdom. In the same way as Sawmill, Furnace, and Grinder, Loom has a straightforward blueprint. But you have to beat V blood carrier boss Beatrice the Tailor to access it. If you’ve reached level 38, it’ll be easy to defeat her. She will be roaming at Dawnbreak Village. Once you have beaten her, you will unlock both the Loom blueprint and the Cloth Recipe.

How to get Cloth recipe in V Rising

Congratulations, you made it. To create your first Loom via the base build menu, you will need 4x Wool Thread, 20 Planks, and 12 Copper Ingots.

Now the question is where to find Wool Threads? I’ll help you find out. Collecting wool thread while exploring the farmlands close to Beatrice’s location will be a wise plan. You can also get wool thread in chests and farms. In Beatrice’s village, you can find out few wool threads lying everywhere. Don’t miss the chance to grab those.

If you’ve done with building your Loom, snatch a minimum of 9x Plant Fiber and 3x Leather. Now, set it in the input slot of your Loom to get your cloth.

Alright, If you want to get cloth directly rather than crafting, you can, by exploring the farms or in chests or loot boxes in the area of Beatrice. But keep in mind that the most profitable route to earning cloth is via the crafting process by using the Loom. So get ready to defeat your bosses using superior gear in V Rising.

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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

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