How to build stairs in V Rising

V Rising is an indie survival title where you rise as a weakened vampire after years of hibernation. To reclaim your former dominance, you’ll have to rebuild your fortress, seek blood, and conquer the living world. In V Rising, you can play alone or with friends to reclaim the power that only a genuine vampire should possess. You’ll be able to assault camps, pillage communities, and battle magical entities while exploring a wide-open environment. You’ll acquire resources to construct your fortress, enslave folks, and gradually develop your own empire.

The V Rising Game features a lot of cosmetics and enhancements that you can add to your Castle, but most of them are not functional and are mainly for decoration purposes. So while you are decorating and transforming your Castle into a home for the game, you will also have features to build stairs for your Castle. So this article will guide you on building and using stairs in V Rising.

How to build stairs in V Rising

How to Build Stairs in V Rising

Since the Castle is limited to only one floor, and as we said before, most of the Castle cosmetics add an aesthetic value rather than functional. Then why is there an option to build the stairs? The stairs and the ramps in the game can only be made outside, which can either lead to or away from your Castle. You will be able to build stairs after you have completed the tutorial on building the castle. If you come across a slope, you can start building the staircase. Check if the slopes are walkable so that your stairs can have support when built on them. For example, if you have made your castle on the hills, you will need to build some ramps or stairs to get to your Castle.

The stairs don’t serve any other purpose other than you going in and out of the castle. As said before, there is no functional purpose as there is no second floor in the Castle. So there is no practical benefit of building the stairs other than admiring your newly built staircase from the far and inviting your friends to do the same.

So this article was all about building and using stairs in V Rising.

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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

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  1. Actually, the stairs serve a very important purpose. They count as “claimed ground” and allow you to extend your castle to another level, such as further up or down a hill. This way, you aren’t limited to a small hill you started to build on, only to find out that late-game crafting tables are much larger, requiring much more space. Want to build your throne room on the peak of the hill, with all your workshops below? You can do that, you just need to run stairs up the walkable ramp between them.

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