How to fix DXGI Error in Spider-Man PC

Spider-Man DXGI Error – It has been almost a week since the Spider-Man Remastered is out after much anticipation. The PC version is the Spider-Man Remastered, with better graphics and ray tracing than the PS5 version.

The game was released earlier on the PS4 console over three years ago, and the graphics were nowhere near compared to the Remastered version. The PC version of Spider-Man Remastered has been published by PlayStation PC LLC, which is the same studio responsible for bringing all our favorite PlayStation exclusives such as Days Gone, God of War, and a lot more PlayStation Titles on the PC.

Like every other game, the Spider-Man Remastered also came with its share of bugs and issues. One of the bugs we have encountered in the game is the DXGI Error Device Hung. This bug was constantly bugging a lot of players, including us, and usually happened during the game’s opening sequence. To get rid of this issue, we have come up with some suggestions which might work for you as well.

So this article will guide you on how to fix DXGI Error in Spider-Man PC Remastered Game.

How to fix DXGI Error in Spiderman Remastered

How to fix DXGI Error in Spider-Man PC

The DXGI Error Device Hung error usually shows up when your current hardware resources are not good enough or unable to handle the game’s resource requirements. This usually happens during the opening sequence, showing how heavy and resource-hungry the new Spider-Man Remastered is. To fix this Server Error ID 5/10004, we have a few suggestions that you can try out.

Disable Ray Tracing from the launcher

You can turn off the Ray Tracing features from the Game launcher by going to the settings. Once you are in the free roam mode, you can turn it back on.

Install the latest Graphics Drivers

You can reinstall the Graphics Drivers by removing the existing Graphics card drivers from the respective Nvidia or AMD websites. Nvidia and AMD have released their latest Drivers to support Spider-Man Remastered as the game features exclusive technologies from both GPU manufacturers.

Verify all the Game Files

The game is released on both Steam and Epic Games. Verify the installation files using the respective launcher on which you have your fun on.

Verify the game’s files to ensure your computer isn’t missing any critical files that might be causing this error.

  1. Go to your Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Spider-Man Remastered
  3. Select Properties
  4. Click on the Local Files tab
  5. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files

If you have it on your Epic Games, then

  1. Open Epic Games
  2. Go to your Library
  3. Take your mouse pointer on Spider-Man Remastered
  4. Click on the Settings icon () beside the Launch icon
  5. Click on Verify
  6. Restart the launcher after the process is completed

Update your Windows

Always keep all your software up to date and especially Windows. Updating Windows is easy and fixes a lot of issues so make sure you have it fully updated to the latest version.

Underclock your GPU

If you have your GPU overclocked, underclock it or revert its settings back to default. Always refrain from overclocking your Graphics card as one of the root causes of game errors and bugs is faulty Graphics card hardware.

Tone Down the Video Settings

If you don’t meet the recommended settings, try toning down the in-game settings. The game is pretty resource hungry so make sure you have your settings toned down if your system is not capable of handling the game at ultra settings. You can also use the presets in the game to check if you are having issues or not.

Limit the Max FPS

You can also limit the max FPS for Spider-Man PC. To do this

  1. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Click on Manage 3D Settings
  3. Select Program Settings and click on Marvel’s Spider-Man
  4. Enable Max FPS Limit and then set the desired value.
  5. This will put less pressure on both the CPU and GPU thus help in fixing the DXGI Error Device Hung Error.

So this was all about fixing the DXGI Error Device Hung issue in Spider-Man Remastered PC.

If you think this guide has helped, let us know in the comment section below. And for more Spider-Man Remastered guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

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