How to Farm Resources Faster in Lego Fortnite

Farming is an essential factor in Lego Fortnite, and there is no way around it. However, there’s a way by which you could farm resources quicker, and by quicker, we mean way quicker than you’d normally be able to. In this article by Frondtech, find how you can Farm Resources Faster in Fortnite Lego!

Best Way to Farm Resources Faster in Lego Fortnite

No matter what you want to build or craft, there will be a little bit of farming involved, and this often will set you back minutes or hours, depending on what you want to get done and in a game as competitive as Lego Fortnite, you’d want to use every factor there is to your advantage. Lucky for you, we’ve found one! This trick involves using a Dynamic Foundation, and that’s pretty much it. Here’s how you could make that happen.

Dynamic Foundation in Lego Fortnite

All you need to do to farm resources quicker is to build a Dynamic Foundation and once you have, just make sure that you don’t attach any additional add-ons to it. Next, just push it into a tree, a small rock, or any other farmable entity. You’ll find that the foundation always just goes through the entity, leaving behind a resource you would’ve normally been rewarded with had you farmed normally.

This takes only a couple of seconds, and you could just ram it through all the farmable entities around. Further, this foundation is indestructible, meaning you can just ram it through anything you want to, for however long you need to.

Your inventory will fill up with resources within seconds! This method might be removed shortly, but, for the time being, it’s still here and it saves players a lot of time that they would’ve normally spent farming!

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Last Updated on December 10, 2023

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