How to beat Estuary Namaah in Rogue Legacy 2

Estuary Namaah Rogue Legacy 2 – Rogue Legacy 2 is a role-playing game from Cellar Door Games. This action game will be hard to play when compared to the first one due to the variety of classes with its new traps, riddles, and foes. In that respect, the eight bosses will give you the hard time beyond your thoughts.

Among the eight bosses, Estuary Namaah who is the third boss of Rogue Legacy 2, controls Kerguelen Plateau. You should be careful with her or else it’ll be the toughest challenge for you. In this article, you may find a way to defeat Estuary Namaah.

How to beat Estuary Namaah in Rogue Legacy 2

Namaah is a more enraged girl than you think. She will blow fiery missiles and Lily of the Valley flowers. But Spin Kick will help you to reduce these attacks. Meanwhile, if you are battling in the company of Namaah make sure to keep an eye on missiles. However, if you want some help you can count on Assassin and Duelist.

Estuary Namaah

When you get Estuary Namaah at half health, this flower boss will produce three Nightmares on the flanks and middle of the stage. You should deactivate them straight away or else she will defeat you in her radius.

Deactivate the nightmares

Usually, the boss lady starts charging the player with her eight fireballs. But you can try to escape from the fiery fireballs by bouncing.

Estuary Namaah builds a Blossoms Wall which goes from the right to the left. You can defeat this attack by using a Spin kick towards the Wall of Blossom, the subsequent bounce will help you. You can also use your Barbarian’s Shout ability, during moments when you don’t feel confident enough.

She also has the power of building two homing blossoms in the form of Lily of the Valley blossoms that home perfectly to the player. But the player can easily destroy the blossoms with Spin Kick. 

She builds another wall known as the Wall of Fireball that will approach from horizontal and vertical sides. If you want to win, you should bounce between those fireballs to smash her.

At last, don’t forget to get the Matters in Red hunt for additional harm to this flower boss. Keep in mind, that Estuary Namaah will be a moving boss, so make an effort to survive in the middle. Use the Spin Kick more often to build a hole in the booming walls such as the Blossom Wall or the Homing Wall. Hope you defeat her easily with these points, don’t give up!

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Last Updated on May 13, 2022

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