How to Acquire GPS Trackers in “Precious Cargo” in Modern Warfare 3

Just like the previous Call of Duty Modern Warfare titles, the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign also has a ton of missions, and each of these missions has a ton of objectives for players to complete. While for most objectives, you get waypoints, some objectives require you to use your detective skills. The same is the case with the “Precious Cargo” mission in the MW3 Campaign.

In the “Precious Cargo” mission, you (as Farah) are supposed to get on a huge ship and find GPS Trackers. But the game doesn’t give you the location of the GPS Trackers. It gives you a general vicinity where you need to look. Don’t worry. Keep reading to discover the location of the GPS Trackers.

GPS Trackers Location in “Precious Cargo”

The Precious Cargo is the second main mission of COD MW3. After you/Farah find yourself alone at the docks, your job is to find your way to a ship, and “Acquire GPS Trackers from the Ship”.

Once you find the ship, climb it. Once you do so, you will find a decent number of enemies in front of you. Eliminate them all. Once you have managed to take down the enemies, move forward and enter the Ship cabin. After entering the cabin, you will notice some yellow-colored helmets on the wall. Take the path to the right from there, and after moving forward, go left.

After a while, you will come by a room, which is also the control room of the ship. Inside that room, you will find the GPS Trackers on the table.

Here is the exact location of the GPS Trackers inside the ship for you:

GPS Trackers Location in COD MW3

Pick up the GPS Trackers, and you will successfully complete the objective.

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Last Updated on November 3, 2023

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