Gilded Precept Lost Sector Location in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer game developed by Bungie, which also happens to be free-to-play. The game’s available for a number of Platforms, which include Microsoft Windows, The PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and also Google Stadia, to our surprise. 

The 28th of February marks the release of the Lightfall event in Destiny 2, and with the same, comes a new map, Neomuna, which is a technologically advanced secret city situated on Neptune. There are a bunch of new areas to visit, and there’s, of course, a bunch of loot to acquire for us Guardians. In this article by Frondtech, we’ll be guiding you with a lost sector (secret location) “Gilded Precept”, situated in Neomuna’s location. Keep reading to learn more!

Gilded Precept Lost Sector Location in Destiny 2

This basically is the case with almost every lost sector in the game, that these locations are usually tucked away across the new map. In accordance with the same, to find Gilded Precept, you’ll have to move east, through Neomuna, into Ahimsa Park. The same is right next to the Zephyr Concourse (The Veil’s Location). If you’re at Strider’s gate, just jump off towards the left and follow the path. It’ll take you to Ahimsa Park. I would have appreciated a fast travel point. But, it is what it is.

Gilded Precept Lost Sector Location in Destiny 2

There’ll be a bridge on the east side of Ahimsa Park. Make your way there, and from there onwards, look towards the south, next to the pyramid slope. There, you’ll see two lights. This is the hidden entrance.

Entrance of Gilded Precept

To reach the Lost Sector, just take a giant leap from the bridge itself, directly onto the doorway, and if your movement skills are good enough, you shouldn’t have any issue reaching the entrance. If you are having a tough time locating the lost sector, I have made a video showing the exact location. Check it out:

These lost sectors offer unique loot for players that manage to complete them in any mode. However, for Master or Legend Lost Sector, you’ll have chances to acquire a number of Exotics. These lost sectors rotate with the daily reset, and there’s a total of three in Neomuna. Apart from Gilded Precept, there’s Thrilladrome at Liming Harbor and also Hydroponics Delta, situated in the Zephyr Concourse.

That’s everything we had regarding Gilded Precept’s location in Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on January 16, 2024

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