Ghostrunner – How to Block or Deflect Bullets

Did you know you can block the bullets shot by the enemies in Ghostrunner? Here is how to do it.

Ghostrunner – How to Block or Deflect Bullets

Ghostrunner is an extremely fast paced game and it’s one-hit-elimination mechanic makes the game really tough as well. The developers definitely did not have casual gamers in mind when they were make this game.

All those abilities, fast movement, wall running capabilities, for what? Just so you can prevent yourself from getting hit, just once. A single hit from the enemy is all it takes, and your run is ruined.

Yes you can wall run, yes you can slide, yes you can slow time to dodge bullets. But what happens when you land on a spot after dodging multiple enemies, only to find out that there is another one standing on the side, ready to shoot at you?

You block or deflect the shot immediately. And how to do it?

How to block bullets

You can block the bullets easily by using your sword. Just press the Attack button when the enemy shoots and you will block the shot. But it is not so easy and you will have to time the block perfectly.

This is a bit similar to the dodge feature in the Dark Souls, if you don’t time it right, you get eliminated immediately. So how to know when to press the Attack button?

Well, when enemies shoot shots in Ghostrunner, there is flash followed by a line in front of their weapons. Wait for that line to appear and then immediately press the Attack button. Let me show you how:

Notice that I am hitting the Attack button or in my case, the Left Mouse button right after I notice the flash and the small line.

You will need a bit of practice before you can master this. But once you do, the game would become a lot easier for you. You won’t have the pressure to dodge the bullets every time.

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Last Updated on October 26, 2020