Fix Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Enemy Stuck in Sand Bug

It has only been a few hours since the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and the game is already garnering millions of players. It makes sense, as the game is a nice upgrade from the previous titles.

There is no doubt that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an awesome game, but that doesn’t stop it from having a few bugs here and there. One of the bugs or glitches that I came by is a bug where an enemy gets stuck in the sand. Here is what I did to fix it:

How to fix Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Enemy Stuck in Sand Bug

After you fight Sandman in the “Surface Tension” mission, the whole New York City gets flooded with sand. After you are done with that mission, and you start the mission “One Thing At A Time”, you are tasked to take care of some enemies, both as Peter and Miles. But the sand from “Surface Tension” is still present in the city. As a result, while I was fighting, one of the enemies got stuck in the sand and couldn’t come out. I realized how big this issue is when I tried attacking the enemy, but that didn’t work. And without eliminating the enemies, the mission won’t progress. I tried using gadgets and abilities, tried pulling him out, and slinging objects toward him. But nothing was working, as the game as not detecting the enemy. After putting my brain to work, here is the fix that I came up with:

  1. If the enemy is stuck in the stand, hold L2 to go into aim mode.
  2. Bring your aim at the head of the enemy in the sand.
  3. While holding L2, press R1 to throw web shooters at him.
  4. One web shooter won’t work, so you will have to shoot multiple times.
  5. Eventually, you will end up eliminating the enemy, and completing the mission.

That is all you need to do.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Good luck.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on October 20, 2023

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