Fix Diablo Immortal Crashing at Startup and Won’t Launch

Diablo Immortal crashing and won’t launch – It looks like Diablo Immortal is crashing for a lot of people who are trying to play the game on PC instead of mobile devices. And for some, the game won’t even launch. Here is a guide that might help.

Fix Diablo Immortal Crashing at Startup and Won’t Launch

Are you aware of the system requirements of Diablo Immortal?

Now, a lot of people might think that just because Diablo Immortal is available for mobile devices, it might not be that heavy of a game. I am pretty sure that a lot of people would try to run it on systems that have outdated hardware. You will actually be surprised to know that Diablo Immortal is not really a light title. Yes, the requirements are not high as some of the other games that have been released this year. But, by no means the game is light. Here are the requirements:

Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
Operating System Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 / Windows® 11 (64-bit) Windows® 10 / Windows® 11 (64-bit)
Processor AMD FX-8100 or Intel Core i3 Intel® Core i5 or AMD Ryzen™ 5
Video NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460, ATI Radeon™ HD 6850 or Intel® HD Graphics 530 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 770 or AMD Radeon™ RX 470
Memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Storage 24 GB 24 GB
Broadband internet connection

As you can see, the recommended graphics cards for the game are GTX 770 and RX 470. This should give you an idea. So, if you are trying to run Immortal on a very old laptop or PC. You might want to reconsider.

Set the right Preferred Graphics Processor (For Nvidia Laptop users)

I figured that Diablo Immortal has a lot of laptop users playing the game. If your laptop features an Nvidia graphics card inside then you need to make sure your laptop is using that instead of the low-powered integrated one.

  1. Just open Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Click on Manage 3D settings located on the left side
  3. Select the Program Settings tab
  4. Under “Select a program to customize” select Diabloimmortal
  5. If it is not there then click on Add and then select it
  6. Now set “Select the preferred graphics processor for this program” to “High-performance NVIDIA processor

Update your drivers and operating system

This should be an obvious step by now. The newer the drivers are, the better will be their compatibility. If you are an Nvidia user, find the latest drivers from here. If you are an AMD user, find the latest drivers here. Furthermore, If you are using Windows 10 then make sure that you don’t have pending updates, and that you are using the latest build. For Windows 11 users, Diablo Immortal seems to be having some issues with the OS. Blizzard is going to be releasing a patch very soon. Don’t worry.

Try to repair Diablo Immortal once

Use the Scan and Repair feature of Launcher to fix the missing or corrupted files of Diablo Immortal.

Just open the launcher > Select Diablo Immortal > Click on the Settings button beside “Play” > Click on Scan and Repair.

How to repair Diablo Immortal using launcher

Use the “Repair Client” feature in the game

When you are at the main menu of the game, you will notice 5 icons on the right side of your screen. The third icon is the “Repair Client” feature. Select it, and quit the game.

How to use the Repair Client feature in Diablo Immortal

The next time you start the game, the Diablo Immortal client will re-download a few files. And if there are any important files missing or have gone corrupted, the client will fix them.

Set your components to factory default speeds to resolve crashes due to overclocking

If by any chance you are witnessing random crashes in Diablo Immortal, then chances are it is being caused by an overclocking application or utility running in the background. A lot of games have been suffering from crashes lately due to applications like MSI Afterburner or Zotac firestorm. So it is best to stay on the safe side and run your graphics card on default speeds.

Set the in-game video settings to Low preset

If you somehow managed to get to the settings menu of the game, then try lowering the graphics settings to stop the crashing. Lowering your in-game graphics settings can solve many performance and graphics issues. To do so:

  • Open the Settings menu of Diablo Immortal
  • Select “Graphics”
  • Set the Frame Rate to 30 for the time being. If you don’t witness crashes in the future, increase it to 60
  • Turn off Vertical Sync
  • Turn off Image Sharpening
  • Set “Quality Selection” to “Low”
  • Now, scroll down all the way to the bottom, and turn off “Global Lighting”

Set the Diablo Immortal Settings to Low Preset to fix crashes

Set your power management settings to High Performance

  1. Press Windows+R
  2. Type powercfg.cpl into the Run prompt, then press Enter
  3. Expand the Show additional plans collapsible and select High performance
  4. If no High performance plan is available, click the Create a Power Plan button on the left
  5. Select High performance, name your plan, and click Next
  6. Set both of the drop-downs in this menu to Never, then click Create

Are you sure that the Anti-virus on your System is not blocking the game

The diabloimmortal.exe, which is the executable file of Diablo Immortal, might be getting silently quarantined by some antivirus software, preventing the game from launching. The developers are working to resolve this; in the meantime, you may need to disable the Real-Time Scanning function or Real-Time Protection function of your Anti-virus to play. If you do not want to completely disable the software, then you will have to add the .exe (diabloimmortal.exe) of Diablo Immortal and on the Exceptions list of your AV Software.

If you don’t know where to find the file, just open the launch, select Diablo Immortal and click on the Settings button beside “Play”. Now select “Show in Explorer”. You should land inside the folder where you have Diablo Immortal saved. Open the Diablo Immortal folder > Open the Engine Folder > Binaries > Win 64. This is where you will find the diabloimmortal.exe file.

How to find the Diablo Immortal installation folder

Close useless applications running in the background

Third-party programs running in the background can interfere with our games. Close all other applications to resolve software conflicts and free up resources. Now that you have closed the unnecessary programs. Follow the steps below:
  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
  2. Click More Details.
  3. Select the Startup tab.
  4. Right-click on each item and select Disable.
  5. Restart the computer.

If this resolves the issue, enable the startup application one at a time to determine which one is causing the problem. You will need to restart between each application you enable.

Run the diabloimmortal.exe directly as admin

Avoid once and try to run the executable file of Diablo Immortal as admin, directly from the installation directory. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Installation folder of Diablo Immortal. I have already explained where to find it, above
  2. Right Click on diabloimmortal.exe
  3. Go to Compatibility tab
  4. Check “Run this program as an administrator

These are all the steps or methods that you can follow in order to fix the crashes in Diablo Immortal. One thing to keep in mind, none of these methods are advanced and are pretty basic. There is no guarantee that these steps will fix your problem 100%. If the problem you are facing is a serious one then the best option would be to contact the Diablo Immortal support.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on January 8, 2024

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