Darksiders Genesis – How to change or switch character

Wondering how can you change the character you are playing with at the moment and switch it with another one? Here is how.

Darksiders Genesis – How to change or switch character

Initially you start Darksiders Genesis with two characters, Strife and War. Who are two of the four horsemen. The other two being Death and Fury. Now when you launch the game you start the journey with Strife and you don’t get any option to choose a character before this.

So does that mean you have to play the whole campaign with Strife? Not at all, you can switch between Strife and War whenever you want. When you drop in the game for the first time, you are on your horse. And you cannot change or switch your character while riding your horse.

All you have to do is get off your horse and press V, which is the default key for switching characters. And you will switch between characters immediately.

The scenario is a bit different when you have invited a friend in your lobby. In you want to switch characters while you are playing with someone then you would have to press V first. Now your friend will get a notification on his/her screen. Once he/she accepts the invitation to switch, you will switch characters between each other.

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Last Updated on December 6, 2019

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