Darksiders Genesis – How to invite friend to party

Having a tough time sending an invitation to your Steam friend? Here is how to invite or summon your friends to the co-op party.

Darksiders Genesis – How to invite friend to party

Inviting friends kind of works differently in Darksiders Genesis. It is not as straightforward as other games where you just go into the game, press the Main Menu button and invite anybody you want. To be honest this can be a bit confusing for a lot of players. As you have to do more than just press a single button.

How to invite a friend in Darksiders Genesis

Here is how you can invite or join a friend in Darksiders Genesis:

  • Start the game in Friends or Invite only mode
  • You cannot invite a friend yet
  • Travel a bit
  • You will come by a Purple color stone
  • It is the Summoning Stone
  • Interact with the Summoning Stone by pressing F
  • You will now get 3 options : Splitscreen Co-op, Invite and Join
  • Select Invite
  • Now select the name of your friend from the list whom you want to invite
  • Wait for your friend to accept the invitation

How to join a friend in Darksiders Genesis

The process is pretty much the game. In order to join a friend:

  • Go to a Summoning Stone
  • Interact by pressing F
  • Select Join
  • Select the name of the friend you want to join

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Last Updated on December 6, 2019

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