Crusader Kings 3 – Black Map, Camera and Zooming issues – How to fix

It looks like players are experiencing some black bars on the map and an error that is causing the camera to extremely zoom in in Crusader Kings 3. Are there fixes to these bugs? Lets talk about that.

Crusader Kings 3 – Black Map, Camera and Zooming issues – How to fix

Crusader Kings 3 is here and we can safely say that everyone is thoroughly enjoying it. The game has gotten some really great reviews so far. And the fans are also completely satisfied with this third installment.

But since the game just came out, there are some bugs or errors in the game. Now some of bugs are really not that game breaking but some are. The two bugs we are talking about here is the “black map” bug and the camera bug.

The black map bug is causing the game to have black bars all over the map. Now people would think that this has something to do with the graphics. But it is not. The camera bug on the other hand is causing the in-game camera to heavily zoom in, preventing players from doing anything.

These bug are really annoying and a patch is required urgently. Fortunately, the developers are already aware of these bugs and are working on a patch.

How to fix these bugs

Now looking at these bugs one would think that these are really serious issues that cannot be easily fixed. Funny thing is fixing these bugs is extremely easy. You need to do just one thing.

Unplug any controller that you have plugged-in in your system. Yes that is it. That is all you need to do. There are a lot of posts regarding these bugs and a lot players have successfully managed to fix them.

Here is a post by Steam user Macreus who is one of the many users who have suggested this fix.

Hey – if you’re having curious issues with the map such as it being black or doing something odd in regards to zooming, make sure you unplug any controllers you may have connected have in such as xbox, ps4 etc.

This fixed it for me and several others.

Here is the link to another post on the official Crusader Kings 3 forums where the user has posted about the same issue and people in the comments have suggested the same fix.

If these fixes don’t work for you then you can submit a ticket to the support or you can post your issue on the official Crusader Kings 3 Forums.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, If you have found a fix that is guaranteed to work then also you can comment below. We will put it on this article. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

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