Borderlands 3 – Bad Receptions – How to open the trap door on the floor

Couldn’t find a way to open the trap door on the floor from the Bad Reception mission that you get from Claptrap? Don’t worry we got you.

Borderlands 3 – Bad Reception – How to open the trap door on the floor

At a very early stage in the game you will get a mission or a quest from Claptrap. He has lost hi antenna and you need to find or collect few stuff in order to fix it. One of the activities included in the mission will ask you to open a trap door on the floor.

Now the problem is the floor is immune to damage and there is no way to interact with it. So how you do you open it? it is easier than you think but just because it pretty early in the game, a lot of the people might not know about this.

You will have to ground slam to open the trap door. Yes, you can ground slam in Borderlands 3. In fact you will be using your ground slam and slide ability quite a lot in order to progress in the game.

Just look around the trap door and you will see a container near it. Climb on the container and jump towards the trap door and then press your crouch button which in this case is the Ctrl button. Once you ground slam successfully the trap door will open for you.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2019

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