Borderlands 3 – Epic Games Library bug – Cannot find the game in the library – How to fix

Victim of the Borderlands 3 Epic Game library bug or error? You are not alone as a lot of people are facing this issue. But the main question is, is there a fix? Lets find out.

Borderlands 3 – Epic Games Library bug – Cannot find the game in the library – How to fix

What is the Epic Games library bug in Borderlands 3?

It is a bug or error where the people are unable to see Borderlands 3 in their Epic Games library even after successfully redeeming it. This problem is mainly common among people who purchased their Borderlands 3 key from sellers like Amazon or MMOGA. After redeeming the key on Epic Games they are getting a message saying “Borderlands 3 Pre-Purchase Retail Audience”. But the game is not appearing in their library.

It is true that the safest purchase would be from the Epic Games store but sellers like Amazon are highly reputed and millions of gamers regularly purchase games from sellers like these. People are complaining about this issue all over the forums.

How to fix this problem?

Well there has not been any kind of official fix from the developers and neither have they been seen talking about this. We are not even sure whether they know about this error or not. But obviously you are not going to just sit and wait for the developers to respond and then release a fix.

There are a couple of things you can do. The first thing you should do is contact the Epic Games support stating your problem. You provide all the details they ask for and if everything is alright then you will get your game in no time. Another thing you can do is contact Gearbox support. And finally, you can ask for a replacement from Amazon or the seller from whom you purchased your key and ask them for a new one.

We know that none of these solutions are very convenient but there is nothing much you can do about it because this not just some small technical problem. The same thing happened during the launch of Division 2. Many people who got their game codes with a graphics card purchase didn’t get the game at launch. They had to contact support and provide proof of their purchase. I was a victim as well and ended up wasting a lot of time. Eventually I got my code but that was after 3-4 days from the launch date.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2019

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