Blightbound – How to change Server Region

Blightbound allows you to pick the sever region of your choice in the game. It is a feature that a lot of online games lack these days.

Fortunately, you can pick the server of your choice in Blightbound. There aren’t many but something is better than nothing.

Blightbound – How to change Server Region

How to change server region

  1. Launch Blightbound
  2. Go to your Home or Lobby
  3. Look at the right side of your screen
  4. You will notice an icon with a globe on it, that is Region select option
  5. Click on it and all the available server regions will appear for you to select
  6. Pick the one that has (recommended) written beside it

List of servers in Blighbound

As of now there aren’t many server regions in Blightbound. This game is still in Early Access so you can be rest assured that more servers will be coming in the future.

Here are the server regions:

  • Amsterdam – EU
  • San Jose – NA

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Last Updated on July 29, 2020

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