Best Way to Level Up fast in Starfield

Leveling up is crucial in Starfield as it allows you to redeem skill points to unlock certain skills. Further, the only way to get these skill points is by leveling up, and we do understand the frustration- sometimes it gets a little hectic with the game’s campaign, given the skills you’d have opted for don’t cut.  This might lead one to look for better or faster ways to level up in Starfield, and if you’re wondering about the same, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading this article to know everything that we do about leveling up fast in Starfield-

There are many ways to provide a little boost of sorts to your XP gain. Some of these are more effective than others, but we recommend doing as many at once as possible to truly get the maximum. Here are the best ways to level up fast in Starfield without further ado.

Best Way to Level Up fast in Starfield

These are the best ways to level up faster in Starfield:

The Well-rested status

You can get your character a well-rested status by sleeping on a bed for a while, and this status grants you a 10% boost in XP Gain for the next 25 minutes. The best part about this status is that it doesn’t matter how long you rest your character; you could rest for an hour and still get the well-rested status!

Completing Main Missions

As goes with any game that features a campaign mode, you should try and complete the main missions before you do anything else, as these grant you the highest amount of experience overall. Paired up with a 25-minute boost, you’ll find yourself skipping levels!

Best way to level up fast in Starfield

Completing Side Quests

If the main mission is too hard to complete at the given time, go off-route and try to complete some other side missions or quests. These side quests, of course, won’t grant as much experience as the main ones, but they might save you some time! In Starfield, you can access side quests by interacting with other NPCs and agreeing to help them. Another way to do so is by taking up jobs straight from the mission board!

Side Quests grant great XP in Starfield

Visit High Level Planets

This is the method that I personally use, and it has worked flawlessly so far. What you need to do is visit planets that are very high level. I am talking about planets that are level 60-65. Make sure that you have enough ammo with you. After landing on such a planet, start eliminating the creatures. Use your Jetpack to get some high ground so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Keep doing it, and you will see your level increase extremely fast.


In every main/side mission, make sure that you eliminate every enemy there is, as defeating enemies will get you a good amount of bonus XP, thus, making sure that you maximize this will level you up faster. Another thing to know is that the harder it is to eliminate a particular enemy, the more you will be rewarded in terms of XP.

Completing Faction Missions

Faction missions are worth the effort because they reward plenty in terms of XP and Credits you can obtain from them. You can complete faction missions in Starfield to earn additional XP. Further, you could join multiple factions (as long as those factions aren’t rivals) to access additional missions you can complete! 

Complete Faction Mission - Starfield

Marry your Companion

Starfield features an option for players to have a romantic relationship with their companions, and all you need to do to get married in the game is to increase their approval rating. This can be done by interacting with them and completing actions such as choosing the “Flirt”/ “Romance” dialogue options until their approval rating goes up. Once you’re married to your companion, you’ll replace the “well-rested” status with “emotional security” status, granting you a 15% bonus XP gain every time you sleep with your companion. 

Enemies in Abandoned Areas

There are certain abandoned space stations, planets, and moons in Starfield where there’ll be hostile scavengers. You could battle against them to earn some additional XP. The Nova Galactic Staryard (Luna Moon, Sol System) is an example of such an area. 

Dogfights with other Ships

If you take down an enemy ship in outer space, you’ll be rewarded with bonus XP, so whenever possible, make sure you do! However, dogfights can lead to you obtaining the “Wanted” trait, so watch out for this. 

Discovering new areas

Discovering new areas is a wonderful method to earn some additional XP, and a great way to go about this would be to speed through main/side missions, and whenever you visit a location, make sure that you look around enough.

Discover new areas in Starfield

Scan local flora and fauna

Surveying a planet in Starfield will get you some really good rewards, including added XP. However, doing so takes time, so we’re placing it on the list. If you’re in a position to scan the flora and fauna of a given planet, go for it, but if you aren’t, it isn’t the best way to get added XP.

Scaning Flora and Fauna - Starfield

Persuading people

Using your Persuasion skills to persuade an enemy with the given set of dialogues whenever possible will get you some extra XP, too. Don’t miss out on this!

Alien Tea

The last method on the list is alien tea! Consuming the Boba Alien Tea will get you an additional percentage of XP bonus for the next 15 Minutes. To craft it, visit a cooking station nearby and use 1x fiber and 1x distilled water to craft one of those. Drinking multiple of these won’t stack, but if you keep consuming these occasionally, it’ll add up to something!

That’s everything about the best ways to level up faster in Starfield.

So, that was all about “How to level up faster in Starfield”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023

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