Best Basilisk Loadout and Class Setup in MW3

If you have been searching for the perfect Basilisk Loadout and Class Setup in MW3, look no further. This weapon is a double-action, hard-hitting revolver that can destroy its enemies in a single shot at close range. It is the best choice for situations requiring more damage than accuracy. It is a great secondary weapon, best paired with an LMG or an assault rifle.

It is expected that the weapon would lack range and fire rate but, surprisingly, has a great steady recoil even with its damage output. So, I have chosen to focus more on the range, trying to maximize its damage output with a little twist that you will soon find out. Check below for the best Basilisk Loadout and Class Setup in MW3!

What is the best Loadout for Basilisk in MW3?

Best Basilisk Loadout and Class Setup in MW3

Here is the best Basilisk Loadout in MW3:

Barrel 10.5” FTAC Arrow This would give you improved hip-fire accuracy along with damage range. 
Laser Revo-LSD 7mW This would help with your accuracy with both handguns when you are aiming. 
Trigger Bryson Match Grade This would help improve the fire rate and be a better fit for close encounters. 
Ammunition .500 Snakeshot This would improve the gun’s damage radius.
Rear Grip Akimbo Basilisk  This will allow you to equip 2 Basilisks at once. 

Best Secondary Weapon for Basilisk in MW3

Given the short range of Basilisk, I would say that you go with something mid or long-range, like an LMG or assault rifle, like a Kastov 763, capable of high impact. Or you could even go with the M4, given its capability to drop enemies off quickly. 

Best Perks and Equipment for Basilisk Class Setup

I would say that you go with the Infantry Vest as you want to give more priority to speed, so this vest would help reduce refresh time and increase Tactical Sprint. Take up Quick-Grip Gloves with this to increase the weapon swap speed. As for boots, I would recommend Lightweight boots, again, to increase your movement speed and swim speed and reduce noise. Of course, for field equipment, you cannot go wrong with the Med Box, which will provide you with those much-required medical supplies.

As for Lethal and Tactical load-outs, I recommend going with the Battle Rage perk, which will help give you adrenaline and a health regeneration boost. Lastly, I would recommend going with the Frag Grenade to complete your build, given they are impactful and quick, meaning you can easily eliminate an enemy at close range.

That sums up everything there was to know about the Best Basilisk Loadout and Class Setup in MW3.

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Last Updated on November 20, 2023

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