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Hotta Studio, a division of Perfect World, created the free-to-play open-world action role-playing game Tower of Fantasy. If you are a Genshin Impact fan, then you should definitely give this one a try. I have been playing it non-stop for a week now, and I have to say that I am completely hooked. The combat system, the abilities, they look awesome.

The game takes place on the extraterrestrial planet “Aida” in the far future, where a cataclysm that nearly wiped off human civilization and altered the planet’s biosphere caused it to become contaminated with a mysterious but powerful radioactive energy known as Omnium.

As they progress through the story, the player controls a wanderer who explores the universe and engages in combat with enemy forces and mutant animals.

You’ll find a number of chests in Tower of Fantasy that will provide you with various materials and resources as rewards. The majority of treasure chests may be opened without any assistance. However, others are protected by technological locks that need unique passwords to access.

Following this, we at Frondtech will provide you with all the unique passwords you need to unlock these electronic lock codes in the game Tower of fantasy, this might feel like you are cheating in the game though, as we like to term it, it’s merely help. 🙂

Banges HT201 Shelter Lock Code in Tower of Fantasy

All Tower of Fantasy Electronic Lock Codes

At the time of my writing this article, which is August 21, 2022. There are 12 lock codes in the game, below, we’ve covered every single one of them with coordinates that you might need to locate them, quite helpful, isn’t it? Anyway, here they are:

HT201 Shelter Electronic Lock (Banges) 85.2, 966.4
Banges HT201 Shelter Location
Under Cetus Island Electronic Lock -638.5, -847.2 3344
Navia Bay Truck Electronic Lock (Navia) -537, -449 2202
Miner’s Camp Electronic Lock (Crown Mines) 377, 247 4753
Crescent Shore Electronic Lock (Crown Mines) 779.0, 644.2 1024
The Lumina Electronic Lock (Crown Mines) 728, 847 7268
Seaforth Dock Electronic Lock (Crown Mines) 515, 773 3594
X-7 Lab Electronic Lock (Crown Mines) Just play the campaign 1103
Aarniel Fortress 380.7, -832.5 8521
Raincaller Island Tower (Navia) -758, -569 5972
Raincaller Island Truck (Navia) -643, -849 3344
Warren Snowfield 651.1, -1242.5 7092

Even though the game will provide you with hints to figure out the passwords on your own, it can take a while. Therefore, you only need to refer to the table to swiftly receive your prizes.

But one question we didn’t address is what you’d actually receive if you were to use these passcodes, so without further ado, here it is:

By opening these electronic locks, you might be able to obtain Type 1 and Type 2 Supply Pods as rewards. Additionally, you can obtain up to 3 Gold Nuclei, a highly sought-after resource in the game.

NOTE: Since the game is still relatively new, it is very likely that more electrical locks may be added in the future. Having said that, as soon as new locks and passwords are added to the game, we’ll try to cover them as well, so no lock gets left out, and you guys can quickly advance in the game.

And that pretty much wraps up everything we had regarding the lock codes in the game Tower of fantasy, for more such guides or swift help from us at Frondtech, be sure to visit us often!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on August 21, 2022

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