All Starfield Skills

Bethesda relies upon the Skills spectrum in all of its RPGs among the different types of progression systems that games offer. Starfield is no different, either. There’s a total of 32 known skills in Starfield as of right now. However, pending the game’s release, we don’t extensively know everything about those skills just yet. Nevertheless, we do have a really good idea of how the outlook of the skills in Starfield is going to be, and if you’re wondering about the same, keep reading as we cover everything we know yet of all the 32 skills in Starfield!

The skills in Starfield can primarily be divided into five categories: Social, Physical, Combat, Tech, and Science. Each of these categories will have more than a dozen sub-skills that you’ll need to choose from, and depending on your Starfield background, you’ll be able to start with three of those already equipped skills. Click here to learn more about backgrounds in Stardfield! 

All Starfield Skills

All Starfield Skills

Here’s a complete list of all the 32 known skills as of right now in Starfield:

The Physical Category

  1. Wellness
  2. Decontamination
  3. Neurostrikes

The Social Category

  1. Bargaining
  2. Diplomacy
  3. Gastronomy
  4. Weight Lifting
  5. Persuasion
  6. Intimidation
  7. Xenasociology
  8. Leadership

The Combat Category

  1. Ballistics
  2. Dueling
  3. Demolitions
  4. Pistol Certification
  5. Marksmanship
  6. Heavy Weapon Certification
  7. Rapid Reloading
  8. Particle Beams
  9. Laser Beams
  10. Sniper Rifle Certification
  11. Targeting
  12. Missile Weapon System
  13. Particle Beam Weapon System

The Science Category

  1. Astrophysics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Outpost Engineering
  4. Medicine

The Tech Category

  1. Robotics
  2. Security
  3. Payloads
  4. Boost Pack Training

NOTE: These skills are confirmed to exist in Starfield; there, of course, could be a lot more of them that would be unveiled soon, once after the game has been released!

Moving on, let’s go over the categories of Skills!

The Physical Category

These skills appear to be focused on close-range or physical combat (melee) that would need pure strength going head-on against foes. These Skills could even get secondary uses, such as fixing stuff, opening locked doors, etc. As of right now, there’s limited knowledge of the skills in the Physical Category, but what we do know is


Enhances your physical capabilities massively by strengthening your fists!


It helps the player recover from infectious diseases naturally. 

The Combat Category

You’ll probably need to pay a lot of attention to these skills, as combat in Starfield could change your overview of the game in general. Nevertheless, the skills display raw firepower, resistance fire, etc.


Divided into four ranks-

  1. Ballistic weapons inflict 10% additional damage.
  2. Ballistic weapons inflict 20% additional damage.
  3. Ballistic weapons inflict 30% additional damage.
  4. Ballistic weapons now have an increased range of 30%.
Rapid Reloading

It will allow you to reload your weapon twice as fast in its final rank!


A Linear increase in damage output for explosives and an increase in radius will be observed as you progress through the four tiers the game will offer for this particular skill. 

Heavy Weapons Certification

Some benefits, such as additional damage resistance, will be unlocked in the final tiers!

The Science Category

The game’s science skills will most likely be implemented for Research and Development purposes and crafting. The list isn’t limited, though. You never know when you’ll need a science skill! 


Get a chance to discover a trait as you scan the moons of the current planet that you’re on using your Astrophysics skills!


Create improved Chems and research additional chems at labs! – In simple terms, crafting and research.

The Tech Category

In simpler terms, you might need these skills to get through tricky areas, make repairs or even utilize the technological gadgets in the game. You might need certain skills of this category to hack through stuff too! 


Ironically, the primary use of the “Security” skill might be to break into stuff, lockpicking and hacking at their finest!


You might be able to create robots to assist you in combat to get an upper hand when in battle or even a companion. “Tactical Edge” is the correct term!


This particular skill might come in handy when you’re looking to carry shipments from one planet to another, or this may be a simple skill for your spaceship!

Boost Pack Training

Get the most out of your Boost Pack! It likely upgrades to it as you progress through the tiers that this skill has to offer. 

The Social Category

The least is known in the case of the social category of skills in Starfield; we do know that these will entail some benefits for the ones using them, such as higher chances of something happening upon interacting, etc. These skills could be used to control people in the game, solve problems, and more. Only time will tell!


Strike fear into an opponent as you get things done your way! They might flee or attack you, too. 


Replenish Affinity 15% faster by gaining the Leadership skill. 


In simple terms, communicate/control outer-species such as Aliens. 

That said, that’s everything we know today about all the skills confirmed in Starfield. Stay tuned, as the game will soon be released, and we’ll be able to provide you with much deeper coverage of various topics!

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on August 29, 2023

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